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Nov 28, 2001 10:52 AM

Tribute Restaurant, Farmington Hills, MI

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Any comments? Ordering tips? I'm heading that way (Ann Arbor)this weekend for a pre-holiday respite. It has been highly recommended to me by a friend at home.

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  1. Tribute and the Lark are argubably the two best restaurants in the area, possibly Michigan among the best in the Midwest as a whole. Check out Hour Detroit ( for its restaurant reviews--Tribute was restaurant of the year. Their revues are good and accurate, you should get some tips there. But, bring your wallet--it's the priciest place in the state as well. I'm sure you'll find it wonderful--please post on your impressions! Have a safe and happy trip.

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      Thanks, BB. That particular website is under construction, tho. I was hoping for some first-hand info as well. I figured this would be costly but we haven't had a real blowout meal in ages - ths should be a special holiday treat.

      1. re: Heidi Claire

        Unfortunately, my lack of access to big bucks expense account has limited my first-person account of Tribute. I'll see what I can dig out for you...Bottom line, I haven't read a negative line about any of the food there; you'll be in good hands when you step in. When are your dates for visiting?

        1. re: berkleybabe

          We will be spending this Friday and Saturday night in Ann Arbor. Just a quickie. Friday night is Tribute and we have left the rest of our time unoccupied save a visit to Zingermans.

          1. re: Heidi Claire

            I tried the Free Press and News websites and they don't have a really, good comprehensive review of Tribute.So I won't be able to get you updated info before you get there. I'd put yourself in Tribute's hands. As I think we posted before, if you can get to Common Grill, in Chelsea, you'll also have a wonderful food experience in addition to Zingerman's. Please post--esp. Tribute, you'll be our vicarious chowhound!

            1. re: berkleybabe
              Caitlin McGrath

              The sample menus certainly look enticing.


              1. re: berkleybabe

                How far is Chelsea from Ann Arbor?

                1. re: Heidi Claire

                  It's only about 15-0 minutes--quick trip and pretty town. Also home to Jiffy Mix factory!