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Nov 23, 2001 03:16 PM

Grand Rapids, MI pizza

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Any reccommendations of good pizza in Grand Rapids MI? NY style is preferred. I have tried Vitale's and Pietros.


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  1. You might try Oregano's wood fired pizza's on Lake Drive. Also, Big-O's on Bridge Street has some great sounding pizza's. I've had things other than pizza there and the food is good and reasonably priced.

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      sheri williams

      I moved here from ny about 6 years ago....sigh.
      we discovered in Middleville, just south of
      Grand Rapids, a little restaurant, omg...! I am
      having a brain fart!!....I cant remember the name of
      the pizza place. sams? anyhow, since middleville is so small, i can tell you how to get there. go to the light in middleville. there is only one light. so,
      go to the light, and if you are traveling northbound at the light, make a right and go down, and then up the hill. park on the right, you will see a restaurant with awnings, a pizza place. they have seating..
      OH YES!!! Its Phils Pizza (ack my poor old brain)...anyhow, they are all from Staten Island, and moved here quite a few years ago to this beautiful place of Michigan. The first time I called Phils to see if they were really open, if they were really from new york, after the phone rang, some guy answered and said..."Yeah?". I felt right at home! LOLOL Since then we have gone back way many times. they will make anything for you, just call ahead like if you want clams posillipo or whatever !! a true gem.