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Nov 6, 2001 10:42 AM

PierePonts/P.F Changs- Kansas City

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Just back from a flying visit to the Midwest and was taken by the good people of Andrews Mcmeel to two places. I wondered what locals made of them

Pierponts ( Sp?) was fun, overly loud and with perhaps the lowest slung booth seating in history. I may only be 5'8 but I had to stretch to reach the table. They moved us with no probs but I wonder if these booths were made for beef eating big ol midwest buutocks??

The menu was perfectly OK but replicated every single modern american restaurant in the country. Ahi Tuna ( gasp! ) Alaskan Halibut ( swoon! ) at least it was Kansas strip not NY strip. The service was very cheerful and they did have a great selection of wines by the glass.

The main reason to go there was the wonderous restoration of Union Station. Beautiful and lovingly done.

P.F Changs - was a simple Chinese Bistro with US touches, but I found its offering of steamed bits and pieces fresh and inviting. If you look in the dictionary under the word "perky" you would probably find a picture of the waitress who served us. For a jaded londoner, rather refreshing and it was a very welcome lunch stop.

After much indulgence in NY tasting menus for a few days before, I found Kansas welcomingly free of the " up its own arse" phenomena, that we are prone to here in London ( me included-surely not?)

I would love to know what locals make of these places if indeed they ever go there


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  1. m
    michael (mea culpa)

    You went to Kansas City and not Arthur Bryant's BBQ??? If you did go, how about a report?

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    1. re: michael (mea culpa)

      Pierpont's is one of our favorite places to go for special occasions. We highly recommend it.

      1. re: Val

        Pierpont's is fair classy, but PF Chang's?? Uck. IMHO, Fedora, the Canyon, or Figlio's are better choices on the Plaza. For real Asian, go down riverside. There are some good ones at City Market. That's the real shiznit. Bet you'll never find shark fin soup or "tendon special" on the menu at Chang's. Heh.


    2. d
      David Feldman

      Not sure if you are aware or not, but P.F. Chang's is a chain. In fact, it's a publicly traded company. I agree that it's one of the better ones -- way better than the Darden Group's Olive Gardens/Red Lobster.

      Have never been to PierePont's.

      You are likely to get some abuse for these two choices, but I noted that you were a guest of Andrews McMeel. All I can say is that they are a wonderful and smart publishing company, but they seem to abuse their foreign visitors.

      Kansas City is one of the most wonderful food towns in the U.S.

      1. j

        "The main reason to go there was the wonderous restoration of Union Station. Beautiful and lovingly done."

        Hope you were shown the bullet holes still visible on the front of the Station from the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre (I had to ask @ the information desk--they seemed slightly ashamed of their mobster past).
        Other tourist stops if you have time next visit: American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on 18th and Vine. And, as long as you're in the neighborhood--Arthur Bryant's is right down the street.
        (I'm quite fond of Andrews McMeel for having the courage to bring us Doonesbury so many years ago.)

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        1. re: jenniferfishwilson

          Ah hem. St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Kansas City? At Union Station? In Kansas City? It took place in Chicago on N. Clark Street. Al Capone was gunning for Bugs Moran and found him. Not gunning for you Jenny, just thought you would prefer the facts.

          1. re: bryan
            CliffA (transplanted Chicagoan)

            I was wondering about that. Yeah, Clark Street...P.F Chang may be a chain, but it's a pretty good one. At the one in Chicago (Northbrook, actually) the things we had were fresh and well made.

          2. re: jenniferfishwilson

            I think she is refering to the Union Station Massacre of June, 1933. Five FBI men were killed in the parking lot while transfering a prisoner.

            Where is P. F. Changs located?

            1. re: Sandy

              Thank you, Sandy. You're right--I got my mob shootings mixed up. That's the last time I post after drinking a Manhattan. ;-)