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Oct 27, 2001 05:53 PM

Eggs Benedict in the 313, 734, 810 area code?

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Anybody know where i can find Eggs Benedict anywhere close to Dearborn Heights? I had a excellent version of this dish in Chicago at Braun Haus in the Wrigleyvile area and am curious if anyone else could provide me with a like experience in good ol' Detroit (metro)!!

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  1. I haven't had it there but I would assume the Ritz-
    Carlton would do a decent Benedict---they certainly have the technique and staff to do it right.

    1. We used to live in Dearborn Heights, and the Bob Evans on Michigan ave had decent eggs benidict. If you want a little nicer expierence, hotels always offer the best eggs benidect, like the Ritz Carlton, or the Hyatt, both by Fairlane Mall.