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Sep 18, 2001 05:14 PM

"Call to Eat"-NW Suburbs, Motown

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Heeding Alpha Dog's call to action, I lunched at two well-regarded Mid-east restaurants today and yesterday, Beirut Palace in Royal Oak and Pita Cafe in Oak Park today. I seemed to be on a major crushed lentil soup jones. While I went on off hours, both places were busy with no evidence of any of the kind of hostilities seeming to take place in NYC. Soup was great at BP-creamy and deeply spicy with cumin. And they have the best homemade pitas in the area. Had the soup at PC again --a little lighter, but wonderfully flavorful with a citrusy, heavy on the oregano fattoush. Son had a superb chicken shwarma--best grilled chicken I've had in months filled the wrapped, toasted pita.

Despite having the largest concentration of Arabic population in the U.S. (concentrated in Dearborn area, but also throughout the metro area), there have been no physical confrontations that I know of (though recorded complaints of hateful calls to police), though that community is feeling generally fearful. People of good will are reaching out during this horrific period--we have many wonderful examples, some of the best, on this board.

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