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Sep 8, 2001 02:26 PM

barbecue in kansas city

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day before thanksgiving have on evening free: staying in crown center but have car. best authentic bbq?

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    Christine Bridges

    When this Easterner found herself in Kansas City several years ago, I swore to myself that if I got nowhere else I'd eat at Arthur Bryant's BBQ (fondly memorialized in Calvin Trillin's books) and found it to be just as described, and delicious. (Beer mugs kept in an old freezer for the frosty chill clinched it for me!)

    Located at 18th and Brooklyn, I believe.

    There are others in Kansas City who swear by Gates'. But I wouldn't know.

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    1. re: Christine Bridges

      We prefer LC's. It's a hole in the wall, but is what we think is the best. Smokestack is good too, and there are several locations.

      1. re: Val

        In above post it is Jack's Stack BBQ. Same family as Smokestack. Sorry about that.

        1. re: Val

          I'll second L.C.'s on 95th west of I-35. Terrific beef sandwiches.

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        Lynne Hodgman

        Chiming in on the BBQ: I don't care that much for Gates and love Jack Stack, which even has a non-smoking section. Some of the smaller places don't. And I want my meat smoked, not my air! *__*

        Their beans are fantastic and in small portions; you might want to order extra. The cheesy corn bake is a mid-western cholesterol delight. Don't miss it and just eat fat-free for the next week! The onion rings are very good but don't live up to my ideal, which is based on New England boardwalk skinny crispy ones.

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          Rantoul Davis

          Lots o'que in KC. The pork sandwich at Arthur Bryant's with the original sauce is my fave. I have also eaten and Gates and Rosedale and enjoyed them both.

          1. I like Haywards at College and Antioch the best. que is awesome and the fries come in huge quanities. Also really like there whole jalepenos to munch on. Smokestack/Jack Stack is good too but I think Arthur Bryants is overrated. Huge quantities but in my opinion not much quality.

            1. Since you're staying in Crown Center, you're very close to Jack Fiorella's newest Jack Stack which is just north across the railroad tracks from Union Station.

              I like every entree they serve, but I have to admit I'm particularly fond of their lamb ribs -- succulent and tasty! They also offer a terrific sampler platter.

              The best hickory barbequed beans in town and the cheesy corn bake is good, too. A half order of the mammoth onion rings is a superb appetizer. Fiorella also offers some terrific smoked fish entrees and has a fine selection of micro and imported beers. I love the Chimay.

              Nice decor. Fiorella's son-in-law, Case Dorman, manages the place and he's a heckuva nice guy.

              By the way, all the Smokestacks in town are not Fiorella's Jack Stack. Fiorella's father founded the original Smokestack and Fiorella then opened his own Smokestack in the Martin City district of Kansas City (135th & Holmes) 27 years ago. Other family members own and operate the Smokestacks in Grandview and on Wornall Road, and more recently other family members have opened other Smokestack venues.

              A few years ago, Fiorella was looking to expand and opened a restaurant in Overland Park (95th & Metcalf), but he was looking to establish his own identity so as not to be confused with the other Smokestack operations. That's when the name Jack Stack Barbecue began and he also changed the name of his Martin City Smokestack to Jack Stack.

              Just to be clear, Jack Fiorella owns and operates the Jack Stacks at 135th & Holmes, 95th & Metcalf, and in the Crossroads district by Union Station. His standards and menus are different from the Smokestacks operated by other family members.

              As others have mentioned LC's, I'll recommend it, too. I mostly go to the one in KCMO on Blue Parkway, but as stated before, it's a hole in the wall joint. The one on 95th west of I-35 in Lenexa is just as good, but I just like the funkier ambience of the one on Blue Parkway.