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Sep 6, 2001 06:04 PM

jamaican patties in mpls/st.paul

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does anyone know where i can find jamaican patties in the twin cities? i have not had any since i stopped traveling to nyc for work and am going through a painful withdrawl.

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  1. Again, I say, "What is a Jamaican patty?"

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    1. re: Kate

      it's a warm pastry filled with meat or vegetables. it's usually pretty spicy.

      1. re: cc

        A Jamaican patty is a turnover with a meat or vegetable filling. The original is a beef filling, but nowadays, you can get chicken, lobster, vegetables, etc.

        You can order them directly from the manufacturer. They will ship them to you frozen. The only catch is that there is a minimum order. Give them a call
        at 305-261-1966.


    2. s
      Scotch Bonnet

      I know where you can get an answer. Post your question on the Negril Message Board (the link below). It's a board mostly devoted to travel to Negril, Jamaica, but questions about Jamaican food in the US get asked (and answered) regularly. I know there several regular posters from Minneapolis and around.

      PS, I love the patties too, but the only way I'll get one here in Iowa is to make it myself.


      1. I don't really know what a Jamaican patty is either. But I recommend the West Indies Soul Restaurant on University Ave in St. Paul. It's close to the Dale/University intersection. They have very good pasties- a pie-like pastry filled with a spicy ground meat mixture.

        1. The original comment has been removed