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Aug 30, 2001 12:25 PM

Fargo, ND

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In about a month, the dance company I work for will be performing in Fargo, ND. Any suggestions on food or activities? We'll have a Saturday off, and we're adventurous people who live in San Francisco and like to eat. Thanks.

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  1. Don't know of anything really exciting or unusual. I'm not that familiar with Fargo. However, there is a steakhouse name the Fargo Cork that has the best pan-fried walleye I've ever encountered. The coating is almost nonexistent, as it should be, and the fish is sauteed until just done. Walleye is an exceptional fish and these folks do it as well as any I know of. (It's hard to find here in NC unless I catch 'em myself.) The steaks looked good, but I stuck to the fish. Simple fare done quite well...


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      Dana Johnson

      Can't give advice on Fargo, BUT drive about 70 miles north on the interstate to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Have a meal at Sanders. It's a locally owned fantastic spot with a unique menu. The owner, Kim Holmes, is the chef...and he makes eating at Sanders a memorable experience! You won't be sorry.


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        Carol Chubiz

        I was just in Grand Forks this past weekend and saw an advertisement for Sanders in the Jazz Festival brochure. It advertised North Dakota cuisine. I asked my friends what was meant by North Dakota cuisine. They thought it was just meat and potatoes. We had no time to try the restaurant.

        What is unique about this restaurant? What is considered North Dakota cuisine?

        I brought some potatoes back home because the Red River Valley has thick layers of very black dirt. Potatoes grown here are tastier than in other places.


      2. Fargo has a 2 very good restaurants that I know of, on the higher price end but great. The Hodo Restaurant, in the Hotel Donaldson is very very good. Beautiful room too and good live music on the weekend. Feels like NY and not a small city on the prairies. The Hotel owner bought an old warehouse and re-did it; it's very hip. As well, there is a restaurant called Monte's Downtown that's also very very good. I've eaten at Sanders and these places are equal to it although Sanders has a feel all it's own.

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          The hotel itself is fantastic as well, and the HoDo does what it can to use local ingredients whenver possible (yay!)

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            Just back from Fargo a couple of days ago.
            The HoDo was good. Pre-dinner cocktail of kir royal will set you back $12 ($6 for the mini bottle of sparkling wine and $6 for the shot of liqueur) had I known that I would have complained when I didn't actually get a kir royale (made with crème de cassis) but a kir imperiale (made with chambord). I had walleye cakes for appetizer - served on a horseradish mayo. Very light texture and mild flavour, although the olive oil they were fried in seemed like it might have singed a tiny bit. I would definitely have those again. Entrée was a saffron chicken with parmesan mashed potatoes and snap peas. Some of the peas had brown spots on them, but they seemed fresh and were prepared well - still crisp and a beautiful green. Potatoes were tasty but the texture was kind of mealy somehow. The chicken itself was juicy and tender, although the saffron infused skin was far too overcooked to actually eat. Dessert is tapas style - you can choose 1 small dessert for $2, 3 for $5 or 5 for $8. The crème brulée was passable, the lemon tartlette with blueberries on top was tasty, chocolate chipotle cake was interesting, mocha pots de crème was the highlight.
            My dining companion had a grilled pork chop with roasted potatoes and sautéed swiss chard. The swiss chard tasted very sour - like it had been sautéed in rice vinegar or something and we didn't recall that description. My bill, with 2 glasses of $9 a glass sauvignon blanc on top of the $12 cocktail, was around $66 not including tip.

            The following night we went to Sarello's in Moorhead. Crab cake appetizer served on a light curry sauce was absolutely delish. Entrée of cheese ravioli in a lobster sauce was sublime. Had no room for dessert. Bill, with two glasses of wine was around $50.
            All in all, Sarello's came out the winner.

            1. re: emeraldeyes

              I used to go to college in the Fargo-Moorhead area - (ah..the good ol' days!) Anyway, there are some really good choice spots! First, HoDo is a fun little place to grab a cocktail. In the same area - there is a place called Monte's Downtown. It's a really good place to eat -


              If you're looking for a Greek/Mediterranean experience, try Santa Lucia's (it's closer to West Acres Mall).

              If you want coffee, that's easy - Atomic Coffee. They've expanded into 2 locations now and it's good coffee. There is one on Broadway DT.

              If people want Mexican, there is Mexican Village and Paradiso (their local chains) but there is also a place DT called Juano's. Less busy, less people, better food.

              If you want healthy snacks, (I see dancing company) there is a blue building in DT with rainbows and such on it and it's called Tochi Products. It's their health food store and they have got some really good snacks!

              Finally, as for things to do: The Plains Art Museum is right on the border between Fargo/Moorhead (heading into Moorhead), there are some cute little thrift shops in DT Fargo, and a really cute gift shop/book store called Zandbroz. (can be expensive for gifts). There is a small cafe in the back - if you stop there, stick with coffee or an ice cream. Their soups, sandwiches and salads are not very exciting or flavor-filled.

        2. Worth mentioning is Little Fields Wine Bar and Market in West Fargo--go west on 13th avenue past West Acres shopping mall. I enjoyed a glass of wine while I observed two displays, local art on the main level and photographs on the upper. Very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to returning for a meal. The food came highly endorsed by someone's opinion I trust. Another mention of Cafe Use at the Great Plains Art Museum, downtown Fargo. Good lunch place.

          My one experience at the Santa Lucia was just ok. I can't remember what I had but I remember thinking what's all the fuss about. From other comments on the board, sounds like I should give it another shot.

          Would love to hear your report.

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            Connie - Little Fields Wine Bar and Market - what is that by? I try and head back up to the area (still have friends there) at least 3-5 times a year, but no one has mentioned this place to me.

            Also, is 25th Street Market still around? (I think that is what it is called?) It's in Fargo heading toward Moorhead - it used to be in a not-so-known strip mall with a TCBY and a hair salon? They used to have pretty good soups, sandwiches, coffee...etc. and then they also carried some gift type items such as red dishes, kitchen gadgets, etc? I haven't been up there in awhile but don't remember the name or if it is around anymore.

            I'm a fan of Santa Lucia because if I want Greek/Med, it's the only place where I can get it. It's not the best, but it's the best that Fargo has to offer aside from Aladdin's Cafe. Maybe it's gone a bit downhill? (Last I ate there was 5 years ago....) so I might need to go back to continue to see if it is worth a mention.

              1. re: flyerfan182

                Have to admit - I am a Pizza Patrol was back in the days of the college campus special for $6.38. Anytime we have a wedding up there, we get excited because we know the # by heart and we know they're open 24 hours. If only they would franchise to the Twin Cities....

              2. re: snoboardbabe77

                Littlefields as at Pioneer Center, 1380 9th St. E, West Fargo, 701 277 9463. Just drive west on 13th avenue past West Acres and then some. It's on the left. You might try searching the Fargo Forum to see if it's been reviewed.

                I live in Bismarck so I don't know about 25th St. Market. Sounds interesting. I'll check into it next week when I'm there.

                Cafe Muse at the Plains Art Museum, downtown, was reviewed in the Wed. Fargo Forum. I was able to pull it up on the net. Interesting and excellent review.

                Enjoy your next visit.