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Aug 30, 2001 10:32 AM

PIEROGI PALACE in cleveland

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click on this link to see and learn about the greatest food on earth. they have so many varieties from sweet to savory you will not believe it. and the pierogies are are big as your fist.

also click on the SAVEUR magazine link on the website for a view of the beautiful old WEST SIDE MARKET, one of the oldest in the USA. this ain't no fancy, prissy PIKE PLACE style market, this is the real blue-collar immigrant deal, often speaking english is optional. make sure to visit when you're in cleveland.


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  1. Jeez Loueez what a menu! (Loved the polka music, too on the website). I smiled reading the menu --especially enjoyed the idea of refried bean and callaloo pierorgi. Now *that's* world cuisine!