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Jul 17, 2001 01:16 PM

Kansas City Road Trip - Suggestions for 'cue or Mex?

  • j

Hi...just stumbled onto these boards from some searches on Yahoo! and this looks right up my alley!
Anyway...I'm from Omaha and planning on going to KC for a few days in August and was looking for any suggestions for the 'not-to-be-missed' loci. I'm mostly just interested in BBQ and possibly Mexican.
Only interested in authentic Mexican though, no cheddar cheese drowned combo plates...I'm looking for chilaquiles, mole, pozole, and the real-deal dishes.

As for BBQ, from my research I've been leaning towards LC's, Fiorella's, Bryant's, or Oklahoma Joe's.

Love to hear any comments, suggestions, or specific dish recommendations...thanks for your time...John

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  1. John,

    It sounds like your are on the right 'cue track, for sure. There have been many posts on this board that indicate what might be best at the various places (for example, I think that the lamb ribs at Fiorellas are the only kind of barbecue up to the level of the other places).

    Sorry, I'm not aware of any great Mexican in KC.

    If you don't mind starting a new thread, I'd love to hear about the food in Omaha.

    1. You are on the right track with LC's for BBQ. You will not be disappointed. As for Mexican, can't help you there. Have been here most of my life, and haven't found a good place yet. We make it to Omaha about twice a year to visit relatives. Love your restaraunts there!!

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        John Cantrell

        Yes, I think generally people are surprised by the quality of the restaurants here. Pretty much any cuisine you want there will be a very good restaurant for...there are also some very hot spots in the just abutting town of Bellevue. They've got quite a boom going there and have recently bumped out Lincoln as the second biggest city in Nebraska (I guess that really isn't saying much, now that I think about it).