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Jun 19, 2001 12:37 PM

Minneapolis center city suggestions

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I checked out the suggestions for Minneapolis, I have a few questions. I'll be in Minneapolis for about 1 1/2 weeks. The problem is I won't have access to a car, and am looking for suggestions in the city center.
I will be staying at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, 30 South 7th Street. How is this area food wise, just fast food? I am fearful this area will be dead at night. Chowhoundish venues a plus!

Any suggestions or strategies are greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. It really depends on how much you're willing to spend.

    While I believe you'll have to take a bus for dinner at "chowhoundish" venues such as Quang (go there for some superb vietnamese food if you get a chance), there's no shortage of upscale restaurants downtown.

    Off the top of my head I can name Aquavit, Zelo, Zinc, Manny's steakhouse, Cafe Un Deux Trois and Oceanaire. There are also a few pubs within 3-4 blocks of where you're staying. You can look for references in the sources I mentioned here a couple of days ago or on this board.

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      Michael Penfield

      The entire stretch of Nicollet between 20th (Franklin Ave) and 30th Sts. (Lake St.) where Quang is located, is known as Eat Street, and there ARE special visitor shuttle buses provided by Metro Transit that will pick up passengers at their downtown hotels and take them to places like the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts), which is on 24th St. on an avenue just one or two blocks east of Nicollet. Hey, maybe the shuttle bus will stop somewhere on Nicollet between 20th and 30th, I don't know. In any case, Eat Street is very accessible and you don't necessarily need to take the large Metro Transit buses which will stop at virtually every corner and therefore take a bit longer than the visitor shuttle buses.

      1. re: Michael Penfield

        Thanks!!! I feel better now, I think this was more of a transportation question now that I think about it.

        I was afraid I was stuck downtown, with nothing but expense account type places. I've never been to Minneapolis and since I'll be by myself for 1 1/2 weeks was worried I would be stuck at those kind of places.

        I guess I have the wrong impression that in the midwest (outside of Chicago) everyone drives and public transportation is not that great. Will make my way to
        Nicollet between 20th and 30th!


        1. re: Phil Pace

          I, too am a big fan of Quang Deli, but if you head the other way, north on Hennepin, across the river you will find acouple of places worth checking out. My favorite, up there is Whitey's Bar. They serve a suberb beef sandwich. Usually I cannot help but order it (and I don't even like beef, as a rule), however, when I have branched out to other offerings, I have not been disappointed. I also recommend the crab cakes. There is a Eastern European place called Kramarchek's. They have a cafe, but what they do best are sausages. (You can get Russian chocolates there, too.) Not too far from Kramarchek's is Surdyk's. It is a wine and liquor store and has an excellent cheese shop/deli. I occassionally work downtown in Mpls, and I get cheese and bread at Surdyk's then take myself on a little picnic down by the river.
          There are wine bars up there and a little Greek place called the Gardens of Selonica (I don't know if they are open evenings, but a body's got to eat lunch, too!)