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Jun 14, 2001 05:53 PM

Spencer's in Salt Lake City

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I am webmaster for Spencer's for Steaks and Chops.

I live South of Seattle and have eaten at the Spencer's by Sea-Tac International Airport and know that their food is fantastic. I especially like their crab cakes and lamb chops.

I've not been to the Spencer's in Salt Lake City. I know they've won lots of awards, but was wondering if anyone could share with me their personal experience.

(They're located in the Hilton Salt Lake City Center.)



Link: http://www.spencersforsteaksandchops....

Image: http://www.spencersforsteaksandchops....

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  1. Elizabeth,

    I travel to Salt Lake City often for business and ate at Spencer's one time. It was ok. It was a year or two ago so I can't remember any details, but I do remember thinking it was average. There was nothing wrong with the meal, the service, or the decor, but it was nothing special either.

    By the way, my favorite Salt Lake City is Market Street Grill. Great seafood and pretty good steaks - also good atmosphere.