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Mar 22, 2001 02:38 PM

Homesick for St. Louie(and banh mi)

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I'm watching the snow and thinking about St. Louis, where I'm sure the beginnings of spring are starting to be apparent. So I checked in to my on-line edition of the Riverfront Times and spotted my favorite annual feature, The Best of St. Louis. Going directly to Food and Drink I spy a new category called Beef Jerky! Wow! Beef jerky! I wonder who's got The Best? And the winner is: Banh Mi So (or Number One Sandwich) my favorite Banh Mi joint in St. Louis. Oh man, somebody remind me about the cheap lobsters here in Maine, please! pat

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    Allan Wilkinson

    I think your tenure in St. Louis must have been more pleasurable than mine. I resided - lived is too strong a term - on the fringe of the greater metro area in Franklin County for several years.

    The only things I miss are Ray Hartman, KDHX, and Brocks - a mom and pop place in Union that had "to die for" riblets.

    Try to think positive. The lobsters are cheaper where you are and the snow probably doesn't have a generous layer of ice or slush beneath it.

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    1. re: Allan Wilkinson

      Franklin County? Who can blame you!

      I really can't call my time in St. Louis a "tenure"; it was home for 30 years. My move here was carefully considered and was a decent decision. I miss a lot of things though, and most have to do with St. Louis being a fair-sized city.

      As to what lies beneath the snow here, I can't say, since the "beneath" is about 4' down! Thanks for your good thoughts. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        I've also got to sing the praises of Bahn Mi So. Just ate there today in fact. I live in the South Grand area specifically because of it's proximity to so many great ethnic restaurants and Bahn Mi So is definatly one of my all-time favorites.
        They are also planning to expand into a full sit down restaurant in a few months(they currently only have 2 tables).
        I also greatly miss Taste of Thai on Cherokee street and the middle eastern market at Grand and Wyoming which had a wonderful lunch buffet until some jerk firebombed the building (apparently to do damage to another tenant).
        But hope springs eternal. Just ran across a new midddle eastern market and bakery on Meramec 1 block west of Grand that is doing steam table food and looks promising. There is also a new Bosnian bakery on Gravois in the old Hess Meat Machine building that is putting out some decent product, and a fairly new Indian/Pakistani joint on South Grand at a location that had previously housed some mercifully short lived and dreadful fast food joints. Now if only someone would turn the old Shoney's on Grand into a real restaurant...

    2. Bless you Pat, for missing us. We miss you, too. It seems like everywhere I look, someone is slamming our town (like the good old RFT, lately.) Okay, tell me more about this Banh Mi So. I must say, I've never been there. Where is it? What's good?

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      1. re: toni

        It's on south grand, just before meramec (could it be meramec?)Is my memory getting rusty already? Anyway, it's 4071 s. grand. The owner is the sister of the proprietor of my sadly departed vietnamese place (saigon cafe) on olive in U.City. According to the RFT, try the beef jerky. But her spring rolls are filled and rolled up pieces of heaven. The banh mi are vietnamese sandwiches filled with strange and wonderful things. Do go and check it out and report back, and don't be surprised if I shed a tear or two.