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Mar 10, 2001 08:50 PM

Lindey's steak house (mpls)

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I've read quite a few reviews of Lindey's steak house since moving out here. They all mentioned the outdated interior, the terse menu (only 3 items - special sirloin, prime sirloin and chopped sirloin) and the fact that the sides and salad are nothing to write home about (mind you, you're given a postcard that they'll send anywhere in the world - just in case you want to write home). What all these reviews were missing was the fact that Lindey's prefers some nasty margarine to butter - it's one thing when your garlic bread is made with margarine, but when they take a great piece of beef and smother it with this awful stuff as well...that's rather annoying and makes you wish you'd spent $20 more and ate at Manny's.

Anyway, they seem to be out there for over 40 years now, meaning most people probably don't notice or don't mind which makes me wonder just how much the american palate has really changed since the days before chez panisse...

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  1. It's sad, but most people in general can't tell what they're eating, and don't care, which is why restaurants serving good food at a fair price fail to do enough business to survive, while places serving overpriced poorly prepared food made from inferior ingredients do a bangup business.


    Keep up the good work, all.