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Feb 17, 2001 08:25 PM

Okay, now for Chinese food!!!

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Okay guys and gals, now for more nearer-to-my-heart question: Where's the chowhound places for good (okay, great) Chinese and Thai food? (oh, I love Mexican food, but, but...well, what can I say!



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  1. oh, oh, oh...

    since moving to LA i've discovered that there are not any good thai restaurants in mpls (what there is is marginal at best compared to out here). but there was...royal orchid on nicollet. it was amazing. every meal was a transcedent experience-usually brought on by ordering 'thai-person spicy'. anyone know if they have, or will, reopen elsewhere?

    if you're into latenight, greasy chinese, try village walk near the U. VW fueled my undergraduate career.

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      The Royal Orchid moved to:

      Fairview Ave & Cty Rd B2
      Roseville, MN 55113
      Phone: (651) 639-9999

      1. re: Robert

        Robert, Now that I have the address, is this place as good as it was in the past?

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      Michael Penfield

      To start with Thai food- I especially like The King and I (Mpls, near Loring Park) for their Pad Thai, coconut curry soup, etc. The atmosphere is comfortable and the service is professional.

      Now for Chinese food- I've had good luck with various places in Stadium Village, the east bank of Mpls, where you can find Village Wok, Dragon Court and Hong Kong Noodle House. Don't expect ambience at these places and with regard to Village Wok, don't expect great service either, although Village Wok seems to attract many Chinese clientele and it stays open late at night.

      Shuang Cheng in Dinkytown, (across campus but still on the east bank) has garnered great reviews in the past. You can order a wide range of seafood here.

      St. Paul side, there's Grand Shanghai along Grand Ave. The place became so popular that they had to expand their space.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Not all Chinese or Thai, but here are some of my Asian favorites from the St. Paul side: Cheng Heng at 448 University has excellent Cambodian food. If you want a good bowl of Vietnamese Pho’ Ti, try Pho’ Ca Dao on the opposite side of the street (I start getting withdrawal symptoms if I don’t go there once a month). Ruam Mit Thai Cafe in downtown St. Paul has some good Pad Thai but long waits on weekends. There is another Thai restaurant with exceptional food on Grand Ave. but the name escapes me.

        I'll second Michael's recommendation of Grand Shanghai and the Village Wok. Had Pea Tips (also known as pea pod sprouts) with Chicken at Grand Shanghai last week (Excellent).

        My Le Hoa in a Rice Street strip mall in Little Canada has a good variety of superior quality Dim Sum on Saturday and Sunday. Huong Sen is a little Vietnamese place at 1702 Grand Ave. This is a good restaurant that is not as busy as I’d like to see it. Above average food.

        I’ve tried many others during the seven years that I’ve lived in the TCs. The list above indicates the places that I return to when seeking good Asian food. I could get into Korean restaurants but I’ll save that for another thread.