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Feb 12, 2001 12:24 AM

Breakfast spots in Twin Cities?

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I am looking for exceptional,and little known breakfast places around the Twin Cities area (must be open on Sunday mornings) where I can take the man I'm flirting with. Doesn't need to be fancy, does need to be good. Thanks.

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    Michael Penfield

    Mildred Pierce Cafe on Randolph Ave. in St. Paul for the pancakes and eggs Benedict with hollandaise.

    The Dakota, also in St. Paul, where on Sundays a jazz trio will stroll from table to table taking requests.
    (Call in advance for music offerings)

    The St. Paul Grill in the downtown hotel, where they serve mimosas with your brunch.

    1. I would highly recommend the Day by Day Cafe on West 7th St. Paul. In the summer, there backyard patio is beautiful and they serve Dunn Bros. coffee.

      Another option that isn't terribly romantic but has great character is Al's breakfast on 14th Av S.E. in Dinkytown at the U of M. If you've been there you understand the charm and if you haven't you have to experience the place. Regardless, the food is great.

      1. s
        Steve Fischer

        I'd recommend the Uptown Diner, just south of 28th Street on Hennepin Avenue or The Egg and I on South Lyndale Avenue between 28th and 29th. Both places have great menus and friendly service.

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          Steve Gravelle

          Or, if you're tired of dining with the dying-to-be-trendy crowd, check out the Flameburger in St. Paul and Columbia Heights. I always have breakfast at the Col. Heights location when in town: A nondescript strip mall location, but a classic lunchcounter diner with skilled staff cranking out large, inexpensive breakfasts. Grab a booth with a view of the open grill & watch the cook grab three eggs with one hand & crack 'em onto the grill, yolks intact. There's always at least one guy at the counter with a racing form, and in the winter a couple of snowplow drivers.

          1. s
            Steve Gravelle

            Wait! I forgot Mickey's Diner in downtown St. Paul! Great breakfast 24 hours (unlike the Flameburger).