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Jan 8, 2001 10:48 PM

Restaurant advice in Kansas City?

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Off to KC Friday. Haven't lived there in 25 years so totally out of the restaurant loop. Will definitely make pilgrimage to Stroud's. Any other must eats? (I live in San Francisco Bay area so am looking for traditional Midwestern fried chicken/bbq/meat and potatoes--food I don't eat at home.) Used to love Arthur Bryant's but haven't been since he died. Tried Gates--it's ok but hear the one I used to go to was closed down by health department. Should I try Stacks? Fiorelli's? Tried Hayward's--didn't like it.

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    Nick Manning

    As you have stated, Strouds is a MUST, something that often goes overlooked at Strouds is their Chicken Fried Steak.

    Barbecue is a must, stay away from the chains, definately go to Firoella's, now they have a location downtown, Overland Park, and the Original out South in Martin City. I still prefer Martin City.

    I really like Carmen's CAfe in Brookside, don't let first impressions sway you, Best Italian Food in KC, I looked high and low for a good Italian Restaurant since moving here 5 years ago, and finally found it in Carmen's.

    The Plaza is always nice, Grand Street Cafe just off of the Plaza is excellent, and if you want a Steak, Morton's (chain) and Hereford House do a good job.

    Have fun.


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      For real KC barbeque, don't miss LC's on Blue Parkway!

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        Michael Messier

        I know you asked for traditional midwestern stuff, but I must suggest Lydia's, an italian restaurant, near union station. This is run by the same folks who have a couple of well regarded restaurants in NYC. It is in an attractively renovated, turn-of-the century, brick warehouse with three story high ceilings and beams. They have an extensive wine list of interesting bottles under $18, and (don't let this scare you, the quality is good) a selection of three pastas with unlimited servings. The ala carte items are also good and reasonably priced.

      2. re: Nick Manning

        i have to say i enjoy quicks bbq .does anybody else?

      3. Thanks to all for the recommendations. Fiorella's was very good and saved me a long drive to Arthur Bryant's. I'm happily eating through the list.