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Dec 18, 2000 10:32 PM

looking for Boddington's beer on tap

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Anybody know of a place in the Midwest that has Boddington's on tap? I'm trying to plan a 'romantic' weekend away with the 'usband and that would really be his idea of romance...I can find it in cans pretty easily now in liquor or fancy grocery stores (and yes, it has that 'pub draught' widget in the can)...but he'd love to find it on draft somewhere.

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    Michael Penfield

    Toni- In downtown Mpls on Nicollet Mall is located Brit's Pub, which serves a slew of English beers on tap- as for Boddington's in particular I don't know- but if you call directory assistance for Mpls and tell the operator Brit's Pub, you can call the pub (or have the pub called automatically by Qwest)and the bartender will be glad to tell you their current lineup of draughts.

    Across the river from downtown Mpls is the Times Bar and Cafe, a great jazz venue, plus they serve Abbot Ale on tap, which is one of my favorites. Try calling them as well for Boddington's on tap.

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    1. re: Michael Penfield

      Thanks, some good ideas re: where to go looking for Boddie's. Just a joke: in Manchester there is an enormous cemetary very near the Boddington's brewery, which, they say, is where the name "Body-ington's" comes from. Lots of jokes about "the beer with body" and "the secret is in the water"...eee-yuck. Anyway. Thanks much everybody who replied.

    2. j
      John Baranick

      I live in Mpls, and have been to Brit's Pub, and to Kieran's Irish Pub, and as far as I remember, neither of them have Boddington's. I drink a lot of it myself since my wife's uncle (from Nottingham) came over to visit. If you do find somewhere, could you let me know?
      John Baranick

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      1. re: John Baranick
        Robert Englund

        Just called up The Local (931 Nicollet) and Brit's (1110 Nicollet): Both say they have Boddington's on tap. The website for The Local confirm's this as well (couldn't find a site for Brit's).


      2. A quick search found:
        Stud & Herb's sports bar:

        I can't give any kind of guarantee that the place serves it on tap, that it is romantic or that it is even open, please call to make sure :-



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        1. re: Orik
          Michael Penfield

          Stub and Herb's is a University dive not far from Frat Row in Mpls. It has no ambience, but it may still feature karoake, in case you want a true culture clash while drinking your Boddington's on tap.

        2. Ashley's Pub at 338 South State Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan has Boddington's on tap.
          The pub is located immediately adjacent to the University of Michigan campus, but is more upscale than the typical college bar. However, I would hardly call it romantic. They have a wide selection of beers on tap, and seem to take their beer quite seriously.
          Click the link below, and then follow the link for "Ashley's" for the full beer list and menu.


          1. I know of a great place and best of all it's an Inn as well as a pub. I only hope it's not too late! The place is called County Clare and it is on Astor and Ogden I think in Milwaukee. They have a really nice Irish atmosphere and good pub food. Sometimes on weekends there are acoustic Irish bands, too. Another place in Milwaukee that has Boddington's on tap is Murray Place, just north of North Ave (on Murray). I never ate there but it's also pretty romantic, has a fireplace and a lot of other great beers on tap and wines by the glass, too.