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Dec 18, 2000 12:53 PM

Pickled Parrot

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For all you visitors to our chilly state, I would recommend the Pickled Parrot in the warehouse district not far from the Target Center. This restaurant serves up one of my favorite meals of all time- two grilled flank steak tacos, topped with avocados and red onions with red cabbage on the side. Your choice of fruit or fries, but go for the latter; they're salted just right for my taste and are chewy.

The Pickled Parrot also has a new suburban location in Eden Prairie which I haven't visited yet.

If Joe's stone crabs are a favorite for you, they serve them here also.

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  1. k
    killer babushka

    Mr. Penfield,

    Is there a restaurant in Mpls/St. Paul that you HAVEN'T been to? Do you write for a magazine/newspaper here? Are you ever wrong?

    Thanks for all of the good posts and advice!


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    1. re: killer babushka
      Michael Penfield

      Killer Babushka, I'm blushing bigtime. Thanks for the praise, but often I am wrong.

      I haven't eaten everywhere, for example, I haven't tried Red Fish Blue in St. Paul, or Bello Vino Pane (words in order?) in Mpls. Those are my two next big conquests.

      I don't write for any magazine or newspaper.

      1. re: Michael Penfield


        I have been to Bello Vino Pane three times, and I highly recommend going. I would, however, stick with their specials of the day (I had a duck dish that was out of this world), and skip the pasta. Be aware that the prices for the specials not listed on the menu run about twice as much as the pasta dishes listed.

        Also, stay away from the appetizer with beets, dijon mustard, blue cheese and ... a fourth ingredient. It sounded interesting, but it wasn't.

        The wait staff are really interesting. There was a night that we were there and there was a lot of festivities going on for one of their birthdays. Enjoy!