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Dec 12, 2000 12:31 PM

New/additional Quad-Cities recommendations?

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I'm going to be in the Quad Cities for a week around the holidays -- the longest period I've been there in probably 5 years -- and I'm looking for some new places to try. I grew up in the area, but it's changed since I left. I'm hoping there are some good new places.

I saw Trattoria Tiramisu recommended earlier on the board, and I tried that over Thanksgiving. It was ok. I had a veal with mushroom special. The sauce was great, but the veal wasn't very good. The staff also forgot our appetizer.

I've been to Pasteurs and one of the other Vietnamese places in Moline. Both were good at the time, but I haven't been in many years.

Any other recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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