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Dec 1, 2000 11:06 AM

Grand Rapids MI - Christmas Day Dinner

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I will be visiting friends in Grand Rapids over Christmas. Is there a nice place to take them out to a Christmas Day lunch?

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  1. Try the best hotel in town -Amway Grand. GR is a fairly conservative city (Christian Dutch Reform)and I would expect many spots will be closed for both Eve and Xmas day. The hotel has a very fine restaurant at the summit --peaceful, tasteful and spacious dining room -with offerings of game, classic American dishes and fish --very fine ingredients, upscale. I think that's your best shot--call the hotel directly. Let us know how you fare.

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      The Amway as of now do not plan to serve a Christmas Day buffet, unfortunately. But thank you for the suggestions.

      1. re: James Wong

        Will Cygnus be having dinner/lunch service at all? Last option could be the casual dining room--basic, but good sandwiches/salads --but very pretty view of the Grand River--could be pleasant. Let us know how you do...if need be, we can try digging more here on our end.

        1. re: berkleybabe

          I've been directed to the hotel restaurants which seem to be open, so that's where we are heading. Thank you for all the help. Happy holidays.

    2. Hmmm, Christmas Day. Everyone in very Protestant church-going GR will be hunkered down over their drumsticks, I'm guessing - but you could try Yen Ching, best hot braised fish (whole snapper, deboned at the table) imaginable(the one on east 28th Street,616-940-4111). San Chez, only Spanish tapas place in town, will probably be closed. Cygnus, the restaurant at the top of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, might be open w/o buffet; I've had some excellent fusion and Pacific Rim-style dishes there, but it's quite pricey. And for just plain good American "Mexican" food (including perfect salsa), there's my favorite Beltline Bar. Good luck!

      1. James, how did the Christmas dinner turn out? Where'd you end up and how was it?