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Oct 23, 2000 02:43 PM

Puerto Vallarta in Columbia Heights?

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Yes, in Columbia Heights you'll find a new Mexican restaurant occupying the space of a former ice cream parlor. The owner has decided to keep the prior decor, so although the food might transport you to Mexico nothing else will. The guacamole which I ordered to accompany the gratis chips was good and chunky. Then I had the hefty burrito, which was a bargain at $5.95, and came stuffed with charbroiled beef, cheese, rice and beans. The restaurant is located toward the top of a hill near Central and 38th Avenues. What with Puerto Vallarta, and a newly renovated arthouse theater and a Balkan bakeshop up a ways, Columbia Heights is becoming quite the cultural place!

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  1. Wow, it sounds like Columbia Heights has changed quite a bit since I lived there about 13 years ago. Where is the newly renovated arthouse theater? Next time we visit Minneapolis we'll have to go take a look at Columbia Heights!

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      MIchael Penfield

      The arthouse theater is called the Columbia Heights Theater, appropriately enough, and is located at about Central and 39th Avenues, just north of the restaurant and over the hill. Sometimes an organist plays music for silent movies, or if the movie isn't silent, he plays a little prelude.

    2. Balkan bakery? Where is it? I know there is a Balkan coffeehouse in the area.