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Oct 15, 2000 09:12 PM

Traverse City, MI

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Any Chowhounds in Traverse City area?

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  1. I went to Interlochen (right near Traverse City) for two straight summers as a kid, and I can't eat cherry anything without having to suppress a gag!

    I remember a diner on a road leading from Interlochen to T.C.. As I recall, it was at the intersection of two long, straight roads. It was great. I wonder whether it's still there.

    I also had the best doughnuts of my life somewhere up there (I think not too far from Interlochen). It was a tiny shack near the highway. They fried them fresh to order. Bliss. I never knew doughnuts could be like that, and I've never since found their equal.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      If you are in Traverse City Area some places not to miss are:
      Windows, just outside of town.
      In Ellsworth, MI, a little drive, but well worth the trip is Tapawingo (excellent) and Rowe Inn. They are somewhat expensive, but well worth the prices.

      1. re: Jim Miller
        Steve Potenberg

        Hattie's Grill in Sutton's Bay (approx. 15 mi. N. of T.C.) is consistently very, very good but getting spendy.

        For a true Mid-Western North Woods experience, drink beer and have the fried perch at Dick's Pour House in Lake Leelanau.

        In Leland, in the morning, don't miss the stick buns/ cinnamon rolls at the Bluebird.

      2. re: Jim Leff

        Great website --first visit today, got the reference from A. Bourdain in Sunday paper magazine (Parade?). Great people, writing--quite fun. Had to write and tell you I'm a two summer Interlochen person myself (college). As an English/Music major at Michigan I found the summers heaven --all the lake/pine/gorgeous scenery and all the music you could ever want. Sang with Maynard Klein (among others, Britten's War Requiem, visits to Gwen Frostic and , of course, the Cherry Hut. Since I worked in the cafeteria, I have never ever put a corn dog even close to my mouth since.
        Keep up the good work.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Tapawingo's is closed for the winter for the first time. I think it will reopen maybe April.

        2. Anyone have an update on Tapawingo, Rowe Inn, and Hattie's Grill?

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          1. re: BarbHelm

            Tapawingo closed this past year. Rowe Inn is still going, and I have no idea about Hattie's.

          2. I just drove past the Rowe Inn (didn't go in, but its still open) and Tapawingo (closed) last week. We went to Trattoria Stella in TC, good as always. We also dined at Pearl's New Orlean's Kitchen in Elk Rapids (upper-middle class chain restaurant food).
            For the first time I stopped at a roadside farm stnad advertising beef, halfway between TC and Elk Rapids on 31. The steaks were out of my price range, so I got some homemade hot dogs and they were amazingly good. Homemade hot dogs, who knew?

            1. Hi Tom,
              Hattie's in Sutton's Bay is no more, but the owners opened a new restaurant in downtown Traverse City, "Hanna's," which is excellent. Sunday night fondue is spectacular, after 7 pm only. Trattoria Stella and The Cook's House are both two of the very best restaurants in the state, they use as much local and seasonal food as possible and list them in the menu or on the wall. Red Ginger is new downtown and offers excellent sushi and other great food. Window's is also no more, but the chef/owner, Phil Murray recently opened a new restaurant right downtown as well aptly named "Phil's on Front." If you want to enjoy dinner at any of them, I highly recommend reservations, although you can probably get in for lunch without one. The Wellington St. Market is new and has fabulous Indian food. A limited menu, but the food is unforgettable. Aerie, at the Grand Traverse Resort has a great menu too, although pricey. Lots of other great places to eat, but too many to list, I highly recommend a visit!