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Oct 2, 2000 09:35 AM

Fruitless Search for good Japanese Noodles in Minneapolis

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Anyone know where we can get great Japanese noodles (a la Tampopo) in Minneapolis/St. Paul and environs? We're dying here, man, having moved from Los Angeles two years ago. All suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks!

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  1. m
    Michael Penfield

    Alas, there is a restaurant by the very name of Tampopo at Selby and Western in St. Paul just west of the "cathedral on the hill." The space is small, they only take cash, and it has been very popular since its opening a few months ago. Best to arrive just as it closes for lunch (at 2)or opens for dinner (at 5).

    They serve firm, thick noodles and the meat is not tough. Tea comes with a sack of cooked rice kernels brewing in the pot. Try the place out and get back to us!