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Sep 25, 2000 11:27 AM

Saigon Cafe in St. Louis, Closed.

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Last week, hot and sore from lugging boxes up from the basement, I contemplated dinner. I wanted take-out and my favorite is Saigon Cafe. I thought banh mi would be good with the beer I also wanted, so I drove over. All of the windows were papered with newspaper and it was closed. What the hey?

This weekend I drove there again. There was a grand opening banner outside that said: Hawaiian Barbecue!
What's that??

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    Gabriel Solis

    That's so sad to hear. Saigon was one of St. Louis' best places to eat. On the other hand, I never did see enough people there to think they were making any money.


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    1. re: Gabriel Solis

      You're right, Gabe. They didn't do much business. It's a sad passing though and I was very fond of the owners. p.