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Sep 7, 2000 02:00 PM

Bloomington, Indiana???

  • j

Anybody out there have any recommendations for Bloomington? We're staying there during the Formula One race and need a couple of dinner suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you get down to Bloomington, try the Irish Lion (right off the main square on Kirkwood/5th St) for excellent fish and chips, lamb, salmon & trout. On a winter's day there's nothing better than a hot bowl of coddle (lamb, bacon, potato stew) at the old bar with a few stouts.

    The Updown Cafe, also just off the square, has a cool eclectic menu. There's a gumbo of the day which you can have served on rice or "Hoosier-style" (on real mashed potatoes). They make a creole pork chop that rules and a catfish deep fried with sesame seeds that's terrific. Coffee is quality and strong. Sunday morning brunhes draw a huge crowd, but are worth the wait: there's eggs benedict, mimosa, asian-style scallion cakes, etc. I told you it was eclectic.

    There's a Yugoslavian joint nearby called "Little Zagreb's" that has fine steaks and stuff. And last time I was there there was a very decent (for Indiana) Japanese place right on the square.

    1. Malibu Grill or Lenny's