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Sep 5, 2000 09:04 AM

Lola, continued.....

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I don't know what you're inquiring, but this fall Michael will be joining the ranks of other "celebrity" chefs with a new show on the Food Network. I can't recall the name butthrough the inner workings of Food TV he is paired with Wayne Harley Brachman (Pastry Chef from the Bobby Flay restaurants), and the concept is on "ethnic" foods, i.e., traveling to towns in search of local ethnic specialties and recipes. This has been in the works for some time now. Michael said he is more or less playing the straight man to Wayne's outrageous personality. I don't know what the show will bring, but irrelevant to the food and concept, wait 'til you hear Michael's signature cackle.

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  1. Have you eaten there? If so, what's it like? Does the author capture this place well? Yadda, yadda. I'm curious that someplace with such a word of mouth, magazine, etc., hasn't been mentioned on these boards.