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Aug 24, 2000 12:31 PM

Madison, WI - unique or outstanding

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Husband and I have one night in Madison. I have a reservation at L'Etoile. I have not read anything RECENT about them however.

Wondering if 1)Odessa Piper is still there?, Is there a web site for them? Any recent reports?

2)any other place you'd recommend. We enjoy everything from L'Etoile to Culver's. Generally trying to find places unique to the area/region.

We are from Chicago/via Texas and enjoy cooking as well as eating.

Willing to reciprocate with info for you...



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  1. L'Etoile, where I ate dinner on my 21st birthday a very long time ago, is cited in the current Bon Appetit as one of their "favorite places," under the "Special Occasions" category, I think.

    You can't hit the story from their web site yet, since it's the issue that's currently on the newsstands.

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    1. re: Joe Bonwich

      Thanks for the info on the Bon App article on L'Etoile.

      I'll give it a look at my local newsstand.


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      Barbara Marshall

      We continue to hear good things about L'Etoile and also The Opera which is nearby. For something casual and quite inventive for Wisconsin, you might want to try the Eldorado Grill on Williamson. The menu was generally creative, atmosphere fun and the food was very, very good. Southwestern.