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Aug 24, 2000 10:30 AM

Minnesoata State Fair Food

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Has anyone visited the Minnesota State Fair so far and found anything new and adventurous on a stick? Does anyone have time-honored favorites they would recommend?

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  1. My favorite idea is pickles-on-a-stick. Most cringeworthy (to my taste) is pork-chop-on-a-stick. Fried cheese curds, if you like such fatbombs, are much better when not cooked on a stick. Corndogs, however, rule (and are different from Pronto Pups, which, I think, have much less corn, but are also okay).

    My favorite State Fair food last year: Plain, sweet strawberries with lots of fresh whipped cream. They just taste better when bought from a blue-haired old lady at a little stand and eaten in the sunshine next to a large, shiny tractor.

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      One of the rather interesting things I found at the fair yesterday is called a scotch egg. (I think it was down by the cattle or horse barns??) A scotch egg is a hardboiled egg wrapped with sausage, breaded, and fried. I didn't try it myself, but my brother in law said they were great. Reminded him of breakfast. Another would be alligator on a stick. Not brave enough to try that. Hope this helps!

    2. I've heard the new exciting item is "Field and Stream on a stick." No idea what this is... but can kinda imagine. Don't know how they get it to be grease-laden though.

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        Do you think it's like a stick on a stick?

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          I suspect it's something with walleye. I'm picturing a corndog-breaded piece of fish. But I won't make it to the MN Fair this year, so fill us in when you find out.

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            I'm going Monday so I'll find out then.