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Aug 16, 2000 12:42 AM

Wisconsin Dells

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Going to the Dells region (Mirror Lake State Park) for a weekend of canoeing and hiking. I know there must be some great chowhound spots. Can anyone help???

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  1. There's a place near Baraboo (just a little south of the Dells) called the School House. It's near Devil's Lake -- another great State Park! They have excellent pizza and really good fish on Friday (don't ya know). Then you can hop a ferry across Lake Wisconsin for free, while enjoying an ice cream from one of the stands on either side.

    1. We were there in May and ate at a great place called Paul Bunyan's Famous Northwoods Cook Shanty. It's kind of fun because it's decorated to look like where the lumberjacks ate. It's all you can eat served family style. It's definitely my idea of comfort food. I was kind of skeptical because it seemed like a tourist trap, but really enjoyed the food. If you want more information they actually have a website(


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        Glad to hear you enjoyed Paul Bunyan's. Someone recommended it to me and I would have gone but the line was enormous. Next time. But if you get back definitely check out the breakfast at the Thunder Valley Inn. Nothing like it, this side of Bavaria.Have fun at Lake Geneva and check out Watts Tea Shop in Milwaukee if you get a chance.TBOO

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          Hopefully we'll hit the Milwaukee area for the tea. I definitely want to go to the Dells mainly to go back to Paul Bunyan's. I'm sorry you weren't able to get in. If we can get on the road early enough perhaps we'll do breakfast at the Thunder Valley Inn and then dinner at Paul Bunyan's. Sounds like a wonderful pig out day to me!