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Aug 15, 2000 04:49 AM

south bend,ind

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Oh yeah, and here,too.Is there anywhere besides, like, Chili's or Pedro O'Callahans' worth investigating?

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  1. Yes! Lange's Meat Market, in Michigan City, IN, to the west of South Bend, has some terrific homemade smoked stuff, like jerkys, sausages, and turkeys. Everything we tried was extraordinarily good.

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      Are there still places that fry perch or other lake fish up in that NW corner of Indiana? I seem to recall that was once a specialty (perhaps the Sterns wrote about it?) Good luck!

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        Yes, Phil Smidt's serves a pan of tiny lake perch fillets in butter. Definitely worth a visit. Smidt's is in a gritty industrial part of town (I think the whole town is gritty and industrial), and a freight train passes a few feet from the restaurant, for that true Hammond atmosphere. The Sterns had mentioned Vogel's, about a mile away in Whiting, but it's now closed.
        Can also recommend Johnson's Blue Top, in Highland, for classic drive-in carhop dining.

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          Sadly, Phil Schmidt's has now closed.

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        Thanks for your reply. We had a GREAT dining experience at Tippecanoe,in South Bend.Located in the mansion of one of those bewhiskered Studebaker guys, this place was awesome! We live in the heart of Chicago, so we've been to (and continue to go to)lots of restaurants.
        This place was a total dinner experience! The building was built of stone in 1888, it is a huge mansion of 40 rooms, most of which are available for dining. After dinner, you are encouraged to walk around and just look, which can take as long as you like. The building itself is awesome, hand-carved wood and beautiful marble everywhere. The most commonly heard comment was just a reverent "wow " This place, I don't think there is another experience available like it in America.
        Now, in Chicago, the setting alone would guarantee a lofty bill, food be damned. Here's the part I can't get over. The food was wonderful.
        We started with escargot, meaty and plump, right in the garlic, excellent. Another appetizer was Shrimp Rockefeller, Didn't try it, but I was impressed that Pernod was included in the menu description of the dish. (Are Indiana people supposed to know about that?)
        I'm not trying to be snotty, but I'm amazed at the quality we received. We over-pay as a way of life where we live, and I am still just spinning....
        The prime rib I enjoyed was as top-notch as a slab at Lawry's, and cost 18.00. My fiancee had a perfect filet,( I think 15.00 )and she loved it. You can always tell a good filet, nothings left.A 5 page wine list, for those who likes it, but I had to enjoy a draft Budweiser in the house that Conestoga wagons built. Sorry for the long review, but this place is special.

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          I'm glad that you liked it. Unfortunately, those of us who live here remember it 20 years ago when it was less run down and the food was less Sysco/Gordon Food Service and more fresh. :(