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Aug 8, 2000 12:02 PM

Anyplace good in Troy, MI?

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I have to go to Troy on business. I'm looking for anyplace worth eating there.

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  1. There are a few good spots. At Maple (15 Mile) & Stephenson Highway is Mon Jin Lau which serves excellent "new-asian" (to quote them) food. There is excellent sushi at Noble fish on 14 mile in Clawson MI, but they close early. I think about 19:00/19:30. Meer Restaurant on Big Beaver (Yes, that's the real name of the street!) aka 16 Mile at Dequindre has good Middle Eastern food. Email me at to let me know when you'll be here!

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      Mon Lin Jau is definitely a good Asian place to eat...lots of variety there.

    2. Bangkok Hung - 16/Rochester - Thai
      P.F. Changs - Somerset Mall - Chinese
      Noble Fish - Clawson - Sushi