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Jun 24, 2000 05:31 PM

radial rolls & cheese cake from cincinnati ohio

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i hope someone can help me find radial rolls which are a round pastry. i'm also looking for a special type of cheese cake. the cheese cake has a cake like texture not creamy texture. i was in cincinnati ohio many years ago, i have craved these ever since. would also like a bakery that would ship to massachusetts help me out cincinnati people. i'm counting on you.

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  1. hi from cincinnati. I cannot help with the radial rolls, however, the best cheesecake anywhere is from Amandacakes in Cincinnati. It is not the creamy type, but solid, cake like and packed full of goodies. It is awesome! The Stuffed cheesecake is their specialty! It is a full service catering business and the chef is a culinary graduate/pastry chef. It is the best kept secret in town!! The e-mail is (All Things Food Catering/Amandacakes)