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Jun 21, 2000 02:10 PM

Springfield, Mo Cashew Chichen in St. Louis

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For any one familar with Springfield, Mo cashew chicken, is this found anywhere in St. Louis Mo?

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  1. You can get cashew chic at just about any Chinese rest in the city. The best Chinese restaurant, though, is Hunan Star on Brentwood, between Hwy 40 and Clayton.

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    1. re: Marie

      >You can get cashew chic at just about any Chinese rest >in the city.

      There is a BIG difference between Springfield style cashew chicken and the "stir fried chicken with cashews and vegetables" that everywhere else serves!

      1. re: Jason
        Robert Mossack

        Yep, living in both springfield and st.louis, I have to say that the springfield style if da best'!!
        On a seperate note, There is a nice resturaunt on Chippewa in St.Louis named Old St. Louis Chop Suey. My favorit dish there is Mandarin Chicken, that has a rather interesting yellow sauce. I can't quite pinpoint what the sauce is made of, so if anyone out there is familiar with this resturaunt and this dish, does anyone know?

        Thankx in advance,
        Robert Mossack

      2. re: Marie

        You can often find Springfield style cashew chicken on menus here in St. Louis, but it will usually be called specifically 'Springfield style' or sometimes 'crispy cashew chicken.' I know that the little place (can't remember the name) on Southwest just W. of Kingshighway(next to the Walgreens) has it. You usually don't see it on buffets.
        It's not as good as the stuff you get in Springfield, though. Springfield (with no disloyalty implied to my hometown of St. Louis) is a GREAT place to be a chowhound. What is the citizen/restauraunt ratio there, do you think? 1/1?

        1. re: toni

          There are 790-plus restaurants (including fast food) for a metro area of 135,000 households. Fully half are spilt between Hispanic and Chinese restaurants! And there is a growing A-list of places that serve great chow -- at half the prices I've paid in my former hometowns of Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit!

      3. Check at Ding Ho on Watson Road near Laclede Station Road.

        1. so what's the difference, is it just fried?

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          1. re: bobzemuda

            Springfield style cashew chicken is fried chicken breast nuggets, a brown sauce (unlike any other you've experienced), lots of chopped cashews and green onions. Yum! My favorite places in Springfield served it with the sauce on the side so you could create your own consistency. We picked it up everywhere when we lived there, including the grocery store- Dillon's has "ok" chinese food, if you get it nice and hot!

          2. I lived in Springfield for 6 years and grew to love the Cashew Chicken there. My favorite place there was a chain called Hong Kong Inn. Great food and the prices agreed with a college income. Recently I've had a craving for it so I found these posts on here and tried them.

            The description responses on here are correct. The place off of Kingshighway listed below (China Dish) had good food but it wasn't close. The sauce was too dark and salty, almost like a Spicy Sesame or General Tso sauce. So my search continued...

            I just got back from the most comparable place in Saint Louis so far (although the search never ends). Guo Bin is located on Delmar and I-170 (southwest corner of that intersection). I have been there before but didn't know about the Cashew Chicken, assuming it was stir-fried like the rest. A lunch special (6.95) of Cashew Chicken (crispy) will get you tea, soup, crab rangoon, a wonton and a generous portion. The food has always been great and it's a very clean and comfortable atmosphere. If you would like THE CLOSEST THING to Springfield Style Cashew Chicken you must go here.

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            1. re: daveycakes

              Great! I'm a Springfield-area native, but live in Tulsa now. Hong Kong Inn is my favorite! My grandma used to take us there in the 80's, when they were next to the old Cat and the Fiddle. We still go there almost every time we visit Springfield. We'll have to check out Guo Bin next time we're in St. Louis.

              1. re: danf

                I am also a native Springfieldian currently residing in Tulsa. My two required stops everytime I go home are Hong Kong Inn (I like to get their Sweet and Sour Chicken while my wife gets the Cashew and we mix them) and Mexican Villa (Sancho enchilada style and their awesome queso). They also have surprisingly good Japanese Steakhouses (Nakato) and sushi (Haruno). Dont forget Andys Frozen Custard! Im getting hungry-may have to go visit the family soon!

                Andys Frozen Custard
                2119 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65803

                1. re: cackler21

                  My wife loves Mexican Villa (from the area) - I'll have to try it just to see since there is an obvious split. I love authentic Mexican, but I also love Tex Mex. That said, she also loved Nakato, and it was really sub-par when I ate there.

                  1. re: cackler21

                    That Mexican Villa "Very Hot Hot Sauce" is available for shipping and is VERY reasonable by shipping salsa standards. It was pure torture to eat that sauce until your entire mouth is on fire (unless you keep eating it) and then that Sancho Enchilada-Style shows up at the temperature of molten-lava. Total pain, but awesome.

                    When i was a kid I used to go for Cashew Chicken, but we have grown apart... I'll have to pop by the Hong Kong Inn next time I'm in town. (after I go to Pizza House of course!)


                    1. re: Uncle Luigi

                      It's funny that Spfld Cashew Chicken and Mexican Villa are mentioned together. Mexican Villa is about as Mexican as the Cashew Chicken is Chinese. I love them both though.

                      1. re: Samalicious

                        Totally agree! The world is truly flat. This website is evidence of that. People looking for and getting pretty authentic ethnic food anywhere they want. But, what we grew up on remains great regardless of its authenticity. (for the most part... I am still sceptical that Cashew Chicken will have stood the test of time.)


                        1. re: Uncle Luigi

                          OK, so I was back to Springfield recently and ran thru the Hong Kong Inn drive thru and had some Cashew Chicken. I have to admit that it was pretty darn good. I mean it was well fried chicken nuggets in an asian style sauce with cashews and some green onions, but it was pretty good. The sauce wasn't the most flavorful thing in the world and the consistencey was a bit thick, but not bad. I haven't eated food that non-spicy in a long time, but again it was a nostagia trip and it fit the bill.

                          I didn't get to Pizza House or Mexican Villa... it was a really short trip.

                          Thanks for the advice.

                  2. re: danf

                    Wow. That was definitely not what I expected in responses but I'll roll with the punches. I'm going to promote my local place again and say that Guo Bin is great. If you found this website then you're going there for one reason, but all of their food is amazing...and generous.

                    While Mexican Villa is a staple of the Springfield area, their food is less than par. Why go to a Mexican restaurant to get a pile of food on a plate smothered in enchilada sauce to the point where you can't tell what's what? It's just mediocre at best.

                    If you want fresh Mexican in Springfield go to Maria's. Its located downtown, not junky, and has fresher options than The Villa. I'm actually very disappointed in all of you that turned this gem of a conversation into a talk about Mexican Villa. If you stumbled into this discussion it was for a purpose, so take your Methylphenidate (yeah, look it up).

                    Guo Bin Chinese Restaurant
                    8600 Delmar Blvd Ste 1300, Saint Louis, MO 63124