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May 29, 2000 02:30 PM

Cheese Frenchies

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One of my favorite Midwestern treats was the Cheese Frenchie, a disgustingly artery-clogging (meaning: wonderful!) sandwich.
It consisted of two slices of American cheese, slathered with mayo and placed between three slices of white bread, dipped into batter and deep-fried. The outside coating was crunchy, and the cheese was melted (and would easily burn the corners of your mouth as you bit into it, so watch out!)
I used to get them at King's Food Host in Cedar Rapids, but when they closed in the early 70's, I didn't see them again - until the early 90's, when the Dill Pickle chain in CR sold them again. But those are gone now, too.
Anyone else remember these, or know of any other locations where they used to (or still do) exist?
P.S.) There was also a Tuna Frenchie, but I never went for those.

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  1. Oh Yeah, I remember Cheese Frencies. I loved them too and got them at the same chain. When the chain folded there were still a few holdouts that stayed open including one here in Denver. Unfortunately it closed this year too so i join you in your quest to find the Cheese Frenchie.

    1. You can get Cheese Frenchies at Sally's (formerly the Dill Pickle) in Merle Hay Mall's food court in Des Moines, Iowa. I am also a lover of Cheese Frenchies.

      1. I too fondly remember both the tuna and cheese frenchees. My sisters and I enjoyed them immensely while growing up in Waterloo and I have tried unsuccessfully to replicate the recipe.

        I recently corresponded with someone from Marshalltown who gave me the name of a cookbook author who has the recipe (Gloria Pitzer). I have ordered her cookbook and hope to make these at home in the near future.

        1. I loved cheese frenchies and used to order them at a King's Food Host in Denver, Colorado. I would love to have one again!! (I never cared for the tuna frenchies either!!). I've been thinking about asking the TV show "Food Finds" on foodtv to find a location that serves them. I did a search on my computer and found a restaurant in Lincoln, NE that serves a "cheese frenchie" but I don't know if it's the same thing.

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            The resturant in Lincoln, NE invented the things. So, yes they are. There is also two places in Omaha that serve them... Don and Millie's. One is off Center Road near downtown and one is on Center Road near 108th. They have them, and they are good.

            1. re: Scott

              Supposedly Bob Kerry (former Governor and Senator of Nebraska) who owns Don & Millies (there are now 4 in the Omaha area) as well as Grandmother's and Tony Roma's bought all the recipies from King's when they folded (yet still allows the original in Lincoln to use them). That's why the frenchees are the same, supposedly.

              1. re: Scott

                The Dish in downtown Lincoln serves an "upscale" Frenchie. Haven't tried it. I'll stick with their falafel, thanks.

            2. Oh yeah, now we're talking! So many remember King's, yet so little info on the demise. How about the cherry-up float? KF Host seems to be a midwest restaurant: is this so? Doing my internet search now. Looking actually for the syracuse dinnerware that was served on at King's as well as any other info.

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                Kings Food Host was also famous for Worlds Best Hamburger,At a time in late 60s my father supervised close to 50 resturants in Iowa,Home based in Nebraska,also had in Minn,Mo,So Dakota,probably all of midwest,I started to work when i was 9 in Madison Wisc,Kings was on Square