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May 3, 2000 07:00 PM

BBQ or anything GOOD in or around Junction City

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I'm from Florida where we have the best BBQ, Seafood,Cuban Food you name it we got it but I've been here for almost 2yrs and the only thing we have found that is good is a little Korean place Pusan is there any real BBQ near Junction City, Manhatten or even Topeka if there is we can't find it. And they don't even know what a cuban sandwich or a devil crab even is here Please someone help WE ARE STARVING HERE

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    Scott Schaller

    This might be a bit far, but on the far side of Topeka, there is a place called Don's Steak House. There's also one in Lawrence somewhere. I live in Ohio now so I can't look up their address, but I go there everytime I go to see my parents. Spicy, not sweet sauce. Gravy on request for your french fries. Gets really crowded days when there is something going on at the race track in Topeka.