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Apr 29, 2000 01:43 AM

Kansas City

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I would like to challenge all Kansas Citians about their favorite restaurants. I will start with the obvious.. BBQ! I will vote for Arthur Bryants,Italian has to go to Cascones, best hamburgers goes to LC's, best pizza Pizza Shoppe.

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  1. I would have to disagree with your choices. My favorite BBQ is definitely Smokehouse. My favorite Italian is Garozzo's. My pizza would be Da Bronx and my favorite hamburger joint would be down the street from the pizza place but I can't remember the name of it. It has the best burgers, onion rings and malts in the city (down the street from the Jazz). I'd definitely say one of my favorite restauraunts in the city was Paulo and Bill (out off of I435 and Midland) Their garlic bread is amazing!

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      Well, I will agree and disagree with both of you: Arthur Bryants is the best BBQ, Garozzo is the best Italian food. Best hamburgers are at Hayes in NKC. For best onion rings, I vote for Jack's Stack BBQ. But, just about any BBQ in KC is THE BEST!! There are a few not so good, but we hold the title!

      1. re: kaycee

        Sorry, but I have to stick up for Memphis-style BBQ. KC style is okay, so far as it goes but the best? I'm afraid that's an "eye of the beholder" kind of thing.

    2. Best BBQ - Bryant's but Oklahoma Joe's is coming up fast.
      Best Italian - Lydia's - no contest here.
      Best Hamburger - Romanelli Grill
      Best Pizza - Pizza Man in Lenexa
      And a new category - Best Mexican - Sol Azteca on Southwest Blvd.

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      1. re: Don

        Sorry D, Romanelli closed last year. It's now The Gaf, which is good in it's own right.

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          Yeah! I worked at Pizza Man when I was younger. Not only is the food tasty-super crunchy-mouthwatering-tastic but the owner is a great guy.

        2. Okay, here's my opinion:

          BBQ-Bryant's, hands down (I paid $100 to have a bottle shipped to me in Thailand because I missed that familiar taste so much!!)
          Italian-Lydia's or Cascone's. Can't go wrong with either.
          Mexican-Rudy's Tenampa Taqueria. Fish tacos...yummy!
          Pizza-Antonio's. Right next to the Grand Emporium. Big, thick slices for pretty cheap!
          Shakes-Otto's. Best food you can get in a former Auto body shop!

          1. Kansas City has been home for almost 5 years.

            BBQ - Any place, I moved from St. Louis, the town that made Lou Maull a millionaire! I'll say Jack Stack in Martin City, Maybe Sneads further down south.

            Italian-It took a long time to find Italian food to even compete with St. Louis' Hill, Garozzo's is okay, but the best is absolutely Carmen's in Brookside, don't let the entrance fool you. Marco Polo's (JAspers) for carry out is also good.

            Hamburger-I'll still take my backyard grill as the winner.

            Pizza-Waldo Pizza in a landslide, sometimes the service has a bit to be desired (like last Sunday), but hey, it's a pizza joint!

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            1. re: Nick

              the owner of Garozzo's got his start in St. louis Hill. I havent been out there yet (Wifey is pushing for a road trip there in a few months) but be sure you ask the flavors of the chicken spiedini. I had one ther ethe first time that was just a work of art. the next time I had a pesto-based one that was sour and disgusting.

            2. BBQ -- By far ZARDA's in Blue Springs
              Italian -- ZIO's without a dought
              Hamburgers -- Backyard Burgers none better
              Pizza -- none other than Pizza Hut