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Apr 4, 2000 01:21 AM


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Talked to my sis tonight. She is in St. Louis. She told me Yemanja is open Tuesday - Saturday for lunch and dinner and not boarded up. They are pretty quiet during the week, but were busy when she was there Saturday. They must have been fairly busy somethimes since they expanded and broke out that wall to the other side of the building and use the original area as the bar area. It is on the corner of Missouri and Pestalozzi as I thought it was.
Glad to hear the Thai rest. are doing well. Those are the ones my neice, who lived in Thailand and is visiting there now, took me to eat a few years ago.

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    Gabriel Solis

    That's the damndest thing. I'm sure I was on the corner of Missouri and Pestalozzi, just where I remember the place being, and had others with me, all of whom remember seeing the building boarded up. I guess I'll have to cruise back by and see if it was a case of mass hallucination or something. Go figure...