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Apr 2, 2000 11:17 PM

Lansing Michigan area Subs not to be missed.

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I have lived in New York, NY for about 8 months now and have lived in Lansing Michigan for about 11 years. Upon my arrival to NYC I was delighted at the vast culinary selections at ever street corner. However, I do miss dearly and crave often "Jersey Giant Submarines" which are the best subs I've ever eaten hands down. The Beasty is what I get and think it's almost as good as anything I've had here in NY (Bold Bold Statement). Their oils and vinegars are so distinctive from what I've had anywhere else. The Beasty has ham, roast beef and turkey and beautifully chopped lettuce. Get a strip of mustard just for that extra little amount of zing.

Man, those Saturdays where I'd head to Jersey Giants and order a Beasty while watching Big10 Basketball/Football with a cold Mountain Dew is something I wish I could enjoy here in NY. If anybody's ever in the area, please give one a try.

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