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Mar 23, 2000 02:46 PM

Violet mints

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When I lived in Madison I would sometimes find a roll of candy - square, not round like lifesavers - that were in a purple and silver foil wrapper and were violet flavored. Not the little white things in the tins, these were square and light purple and smelled exactly like the flowers. I have never seen them since, and have no idea what they were called. Anybody up there know their name?

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  1. I just checked with my daughter, who is the expert on these. "Yeah, she said, "the soapy tasting ones," which was my reaction, as they always reminded me of sen-sen (am I dating myself or what!). They say C. Howard's Violet on the silver and violet square package. They make candy and gum, and as far as I know are still available here in NYC.

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      Howards! that's it! thanks. (isn't visual memory a funny thing - now I can suddenly see the package -name & all) I remember liking the smell more than the flavor (never tasted sen-sen), but I kept buying them anyway.

      1. re: Betty

        go to or - one of them have it!

        1. re: kim

          I love those things... Nobody else I know likes them besides my friends dad and luckily he owns a little coffee shop in my town so he keeps them in stock for me. Otherwise they're pretty hard to find - some local diners and pharmacies have them. I don't like the gum though - the texture's weird.

          1. re: Alicia

            I think they used to be dubbed 'smokers mints.' Yes, they do smell nice.