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Dec 8, 1999 05:53 PM

AVOID Daweeds, Mt. Adams,Cincinnati

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Please avoid until they iron out many wrinkles. I have never before ordered a $9 glass of wine to start out while I pondered a wine list only to have a waitress return to my table quite proud of the fact that while they had run out of my ordered wine that she took it upon herself to self-select a wine and pour a full glass for me to take its place!!!! After sending that back for something more satisfying the rest of the meal followed suit. Salads ($7-$10) that barely filled half the plate it was presented on, a "Triple Lamb" dish that was merely one single lamb medallion surrounded by two side accompaniments and a salmon wine difusion dish that "bubbled" on my plate and lacked taste, texture, aroma....need I go on???? For these prices, walk another block to the Celestial.

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