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Nov 30, 1999 08:45 AM

Any suggestions for Green Bay eats?

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I'm looking for somewhere eclectic/original to eat, either American or ethnic in Green Bay

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    Patrick Thompson

    In Green Bay, I've had several good meals at the Titletown Brewing Company. The blue cornmeal crusted trout with cilantro cream and black beans is a favorite, and the Friday fried perch special has always been excellent. For beers, try the Old Fort Howard Pale Ale or the Johnny "Blood" McNally Irish Red Ale. I prefer to eat at the bar, especially if Jen is tending.

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      I've never actually been there, but Green Bay used to be famous for a particular style of chili, a little like Cincinnati chili would be if it, y'know, was spicy and tasted good. (The crux is that moment of service when the counterman spoons a little of the orange grease from the top of the pot and ladles it into your very bowl.) With or without beans, spaghetti, cheese. Manly food. Los Angeles has a '30s or '40s-era branch of a Green Bay chili parlor, Chilli John's, that is still pretty awesome; the Green Bay original, which is almost 100 years old, ought to be even better--which is to say mind-bending. If they have it (or if you happen to be in Burbank, CA) try the pineapple cream pie.

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        I used to eat at Chilli John's in Green Bay in the early 60's. Is it still there?

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        Barbara Marshall

        En route to Door County from Milwaukee we regularly stop at Z-Harvest Cafe in a small strip mall on University Ave. Food is imaginative and fresh - very creative, and very reasonably priced. Chef Gary has been in the Green Bay area for many years and his food rivals some of the best we've had anywhere in Wisconsin. If he's offering salmon chowder, don't miss it! The only disappointments have been the desserts.

        Someone recently told us about a place in Green Bay called A-Brava Cafe, or something like that.

        Good luck!

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          I agree about's one of my favorites.
          Also, it's aBravo that's the other recommendation, which is also very good, although there is limited seating space.

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            I agree about's one of my favorites.
            Also, it's aBravo that's the other recommendation, which is also very good, although there is limited seating space.

          2. I suggest Alpha Delights in De Pere, situated behind SuAnn's Bagels on Wisconsin Ave (near Shopko). This relatively new restaurant has a very limited menu (always a good sign) of entrees with a Greek flair and desserts. But, you won't find gyros or musaka here. What you will find are homemade soups (I've had the chicken--fantastic), and a variety of sandwiches for lunch, most made with unusual Greek spicings. My favorite is the portabella sandwich--portabellas, red and yellow bell peppers, etc., and a tangy sauce on homemade foccacia.

            And the desserts--well, it's worth a trip just to have dessert! Many wonderful cakes, cookies, and pastries. The baklava is unusual, made just a bit differently than I've had it in other Greek restaurants. Perhaps more honey? Very good!

            Alpha Delights does serve breakfast and I believe, also, dinner. Lunch entrees come in around $7.

            Happy eating!

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              alpha delights is only open for breakfast and lunch. a'bravo is good, but the service is sometimes extremely slow at dinner-time (1-2 hour wait for food). Plae Bistro is good for lunch with daily specials.

            2. Good eating in Green Bay is VERY limited, however, the following are some good places to dine:
              1. A Bravo -- BY FAR the best place I have eaten in Green Bay (contemporary food fused with an Asian flair)
              2. Cheesecake Heaven (wonderful and funky sandwiches and salads for lunch)
              3. Chives (This restaurant is in a city outside of Green Bay, but it is worth the drive! The porkchop with baked apples dish is excellent)
              4. Big Tomatoes (pasta dishes and italian food in a cool atmosphere)

              1. The Hinterland in Green Bay is a casual fine dining place. Great atmosphere and an eclectic menu that has an emphasis on Wisconsin products.