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Nov 17, 1999 10:12 AM

italian food in columbus?

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i am on a quest for good italian food in columbus, ohio. any suggestions?

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  1. We like Pasta Amore, owned by Nancy Moretti. It is located at 18 Dilmont Drive, east off U.S. 23 North, in a large shopping center that includes a Big Bear supermarket. Their phone number is 614-848-3636. Nancy makes her own bread daily, and her specialty is cheesecake. Both traditional and unique entrees are available.

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      Best old family owned is Del Matto's, located on East Main Street in Whitehall, just east of Hamilton Road.

    2. My family & I had a great time eating and laughing at Bucca Di Beppo (Uncle Frank's Basement). You start with a tour the kitchen. Great for large groups of family and friends. The place is decorated like a Midwestern Italian family basement bar on steroids. Huge portions served family style by wait staff with personality. A real family dining experience. Good bar although the chianti is a little pricey. I plan to take all my visiting friends there. Don't miss the rotating Pope's head table. It's located behind the new Arena. Not yet listed phone 621-3287. I think it's usually very busy.

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        Michael Kleinman

        Trattoria Roma has excellent Italian. Great bruchetta,
        pasta sauces are made from scratch for each order! It's in a strip mall somewhere with no atmosphere but it pretty much blows away all the dated American style Italian restaurants that Columbus seems to have a plethora of. Morretti's can be pretty good too.

        1. I'm new to Chowhounds. But, more importantly, I'm also new to Columbus. I'm looking for a good Italian restaurant, and searching the web site only brings up this decade-old post. Surely the situation has changed here in that length of time?

          I've tried Trattoria Roma and Vino VIno, both in Grandview. They're good, but not exactly what I'm looking for. They are more "Italian-inspired", which can be fine. But the dishes my wife and I had both places suffered from a common failing: the chefs didn't know when to stop adding ingredients. They ended up being complicated without being complex, if you know what I mean. The best Italian recipes seem to have almost no ingredients -- but they have to be high quality and are mixed together in just the right proportions.

          Due Amici, in downtown Columbus, is good, but not spectacular. Rigsby's, in the Short North, and Basi Italia, in Victorian Village, are probably the best I've tried so far. But I have the feeling that there must be something else that I'm missing.

          So, a two-part question: What is the best high-end Italian restaurant in Columbus? And what is the best place to get a bowl of fresh-made pasta with a salad?

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            I've been here a few years and have found the same thing. Rigsby's and Basi stand out as the best I've tried so far, and I can't think of any suggestions that you haven't named. I hope you get some good answers.

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              I just posted a separate description of Nicola Restaurant in Upper Arlington, which is the best Italian restaurant I have tried here so far.

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              I've been in Columbus for 20 years (from NJ) and I've given up on Italian food in Columbus. Basi Italia is about the best I've found so far but I can't say I'd go out of my way for it.

              There is one place that people used to tell me about, but honestly in all these years I've never been (too many other recommendations never panned out). If you go, please post back. It used to be called La Plaia but a quick search makes it appear it has changed names (it is in the same location as La Plaia used to be):


              It is up in a unattractive strip mall near Cleveland Ave and 161. Go and please tell me it is good, I'd love a good Italian place.

              1. re: thimes

                I would recommend Pasqualone's. We have been there many times and have always had great food and service. If you reserve a table it is yours for the evening, so there is never a rush to get you out the door. The veal and chicken loaf entrees are winners as well as the lasagna. The prices are not inexpensive but I feel it is a good value. I think a lot of the food is Abruzzi style if that makes any difference.

            3. My favorites are:

              Gallo's kitchen - Upper Arlington
              Cardones - Westerville
              Morettis - on Sawmill
              Scali - way out east
              Giuseppe's Ritrovo - Bexley