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Oct 17, 1999 04:26 PM

Tenderloin Sandwiches?

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I live in Chicago and would like recommendations for good fried pork tenderloin sandwiches anywhere in the Midwest. I've heard good things about Mr. Dave's in North Manchester, Indiana and The Sandwich Shop in Albia, Iowa. Any others?

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  1. Try Delong's Barbecue Pit, corner of Fifth and Detroit in Ann Arbor, MI. This is, rather obviously from the name, a barbecue style pork sandwich. From your post, I'm not exactly sure if this is what you're looking for. If it is, Delong's is a good bet.

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    1. re: Greg Masters
      Patrick Thompson

      Although I'm always on the lookout for good barbecue (and I will follow up on your suggestion should I get to Ann Arbor), what I'm looking for are good old crusted pork tenderloins, pounded thin and deep-fried, served on a hamburger bun. Thanks anyway!

      1. re: Patrick Thompson

        I used to serve up these sandwiches (and eat them every day for lunch) at a Fritsch's Big Boy in Cols. Ohio. Yum. More relevantly, I think Jane and Michael Stern wrote in one of their books about prime sources for the pork tenderloin sandwiches - maybe in Indiana? Hope you find a good source, and enjoy.

        1. re: jen kalb

          The best fried tenderloin sandwiches can be found at the Pawn Shop in Broadripple, Indianapolis, IN. (Crunchy and humongus). Its an old neighborhood bar (wooden floors and all) and I am sure you will agree that it is probably just what you have been looking for. Enjoy!

          1. re: Patty
            Patrick Thompson

            I'll be making the Pawn Shop a definite stop next time I'm in Indianapolis. Thanks for the tip!

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      Kathi Alexandrakis

      There is a place in Moline, IL...don't know the address, because we happened on it by mistake, but it is very well-known locally...It is run by a Slavic family...the sandwiches are made with raisin bread, which sounds kinda weird, but is really delicious in combination with the tenderloin. I believe the sandwiches were grilled in butter...Yum!

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      1. re: Kathi Alexandrakis

        The restaurant to which you refer is The Belgian Village in Moline which serves tenderloins, but is more well-known for reubens and for a sandwich called VandeRaisin--ham and cheese on raisin bread. Both are worth a stop; the sandwiches are immense and reasonably priced

        1. re: Phil Koenig

          Righto! The Belgium Village & their sandwiches are to die for! It is a quaint neighborhood establishment and always a lively place! The owner's wife begins baking a wide array of breads in the middle of the night until dawn. You really don't understand the meaning of a sandwich until you eat at the Belgium--The sandwiches are beyond enormous, and you generally have a meal or two from the leftovers (just from one sandwich!) The raisin bread is delicious with their reubens, club or Charlie Tuna sandwiches. But don't discount their rye bread either!
          A great place to take folks from out of town!

      2. The best tenderloin is at Hunt's in Peoria. The place has been there forever and many of us Peoria ex-patroits go there when we are in town.

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          Steve Gravelle

          If you're really after the best tenderloins, you've got to come to Iowa. In the few years I've lived here the best I've found is Joensy's in Solon, between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids...a HUGE loin - just trimming off the portion that overflows the jumbo bun is a meal in itself. While in Solon go around the corner to the Stone City Brewery, which maintains a "tasting room" on the premises. The Joens family also has restaurants in a few other small towns in eastern Iowa, but the Solon location is the one you want.
          Other excellent tenderloin in Cedar Rapids: The Little Bohemia, 1317 3rd St SE - not as large as Joensy's, but a superb breading. The Little Bo is a century-old workingman's pub in the old slaughterhouse district once populated by Czech immigrants. The goulash is also worth a try, and the mashed potatoes - plain ol' taters, nothing fancy - are the definitive item.
          The Tic Toc, 600 17th St NE, is a classic neighborhood corner tavern with an equally classic bar-food menu..their loin is also excellent.

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          1. re: Steve Gravelle

            Steve--great message, thanks for posting (and please stick around! When we have critical mass of smart hounds like you on this board, it'll be an awesome resource for everyone).

            I think Iowa City and environs is one of the most underrated food areas in the country. I did a lengthy tour of the Midwest a couple of years ago, and expected awful food. What a surprise...I ate GREAT, all sorts of talented people making all sorts of great stuff, if you find 'em. Much better eating, in general, than in the generic suburban sprawl surrounding much more respected food cities. And--nice surprise--some of the best Vietnamese food in the country.


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Speaking of Iowa City dining in general, next time you're in town try Devotay, tapas place.

              Have also enjoyed Mondo's Tomato Pie (in Coralville.)
              Pizza as the name suggests, but an eclectic menu beyond that. Good fresh baked crusty bread - are there any good restaurants that have bad bread? That can so often be an interesting barometer for the meal to come.

              Anyway, nice mussels appetizer, yes, in Iowa, and good sopping with that bread. Pasta made fresh every day, Steak DeBurgo is DeYumYum. My fave is Chicken Rustica -beautiful rotisseried chicken with slightly hot peppers over garlic mashed potatoes.

              However..only get to Iowa City once in a while...and have to admit I may have detected the beginning of a wee Downhill slide the last time. Anyone else feel the same, or was I just there on a bad day?

            2. re: Steve Gravelle

              Steve, many thanks for the 'loin tips. I grew up in Iowa and have had no end of trouble finding a good one near Chicago. It appears I'll just have to allow extra time for a tenderloin detour to CR on my next trip back home (and maybe take in a Kernels game, to boot).

              1. re: Steve Gravelle
                Dave Feldman

                Thanks for the great post, Steve.

                Can you still find pizza burgers in Iowa? Texas Toast?

              2. You might try the HyVee grocery along Highway 20 in Dubuque, Iowa. It has a deli and offers meals at very reasonable prices. Best to get there when the tenderloins are fresh out of the fryer. (otherwise they are kept on a warming tray in the display counter) The tenderloins are on special on Tuesdays and are usually much larger than the buns. They are NOT the preformed round versions that are alledgedly tenderloins.