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Sep 21, 1999 11:51 PM

southfield, mi

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i know, a pretty strange request...but does anyone know
of a great restaurant in southfield, michigan?

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  1. Would you settle for a great wine store? CLOVERLEAF
    MARKET,28905 Telegraph Rd (at 12 Mile Rd), 810-357-0400
    is one of the best in the country, if they're still in

    If you're anywhere near Ann Arbor, do stop at
    Zingerman's Deli (don't miss the chocolate cherry


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      As a former zing employee I have to say that it is
      well worth the trip (about 40 min. from Southfield).
      I still long for a zing sandwich at least once a week
      while sitting in nyc the place where all the "great"
      delis are. I could go on and on about how great this
      place is for service and selection, but I am biased. I
      deeply miss the place. -r.l.

      1. re: rl johnson

        wow, it's a pretty good endorsement if you could work
        at a place and still miss it after you leave!

        You COULD sign up for their bread of the month club,
        you know. I got it for a birthday present last year and
        was very sorry to see it end (and, as you know, all
        their stuff's available mail order).


        p.s.--I don't like their brownies, though that's heresy

        1. re: Jim Leff

          The brownies are great!!!!!! Is this a nut issue?
          Because now they make them with out. The bread club
          is great ( my mother gets it) but I am lucky enough to
          have kept my ties to the fine folks at mail order who
          employeed me (shouts out to mo, jude, brad and simone,
          keep it real kids.) and get little deliveries when Mo
          visits New York (often). Plus, a sandwich does not
          fare well in the mail. They do have kits but we all
          know that everything lies in the prep.
          So Jim try a nutless brownie or one of those
          scrumpcious scones and we will talk.

          1. re: rl johnson

            This is getting WAY off topic for this board. I'll
            start a new thread, on "General Topics" called
            "Brownies". Please join me there!

          2. re: Jim Leff

            I'm sad that you may never have gotten to eat a REAL Zingerman's brownie before they sold the place to a corporation. They were moist and huge, lumpy with nuts, hand cut (and they sold the trimmings cheap), and they must have been cranking them out of the ovens daily -- they were so fresh and good -- with that wonderful crusty top. Since the buyout, they are often dry and disappointing. Feh.

            You're right about the chocolate cherry bread being worth the stop. They only make it on certain days, though, so call if you're shlepping the 40 minutes to Ann Arbor (422 Detroit Street) from Southfield. (734)663-DELI

            P.S. -- I have to insert that it's actually the RAISIN PECAN BREAD that is the best. I'm waiting till I've worked up a real jones for it and then have them ship it to me here in Oregon! (Mail order (888)636-8162)

            1. re: Deborah
              Joe Schumacher

              Are you sure Zingerman's has been bought by a corporation? When did it happen? It was still independently owned and operated when I left Michigan two years ago and their website gives no indication of being sold or belonging to a corporation. In fact, they explicitly state that they don't have the backing of a big company on their About Us page: "we're not backed up by any IPO funding, nor do we have some huge corporate coffers to fund things like websites..."

              Link: http://www.zingermans.com