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Aug 27, 1999 12:33 PM

Help for Cleveland & Northern OH

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Someone else from Oberlin posted a plea for help in
January on this topic and got two interesting replies;
I was hoping people could expand the list a bit.

I just moved to Oberlin OH (near Elyria, Lorain, and
Vermilion, not too far from Cleveland). While the local
ly grown corn and tomatoes are delicious, I'm desperate
to find some really good restaurants, esp. authentic
ethnic food, soul food, or any kind of top-notch local
specialties, even if they require a bit of a trip.


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  1. I'm one of those who had supplied responses for
    Cleveland eats a while ago. In review, I still stand
    by my past recommondations. I have one to add to my
    ethnic choices in Nate's Deli adjacent to the West
    Side Market. Nate's menu is a combination of Deli and
    Lebanese. I only go for the Lebanese where I have
    enjoyed the lightest, most flavorful Baba Ganouj and
    perfect tabbouleh. Lunch for a friend and myself came
    to a whopping $7.00. A reference guide to Cleveland's
    Ethnic eats was put out in
    '98, I believe, by Laura Taxel. You may want to pick
    up a copy and I would suggest calling before trekking
    to any of the restaurants as they may no longer be
    open for business.

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    1. re: Heidi
      George Boulukos

      Thanks, I've been eyeing Nate's for a while and I'll
      check it out. I did get teh guide (Ethnic Eats) and it
      has me salivating, although at least one place (El
      Sotano in Elyria) seems to have closed down...

      1. re: George Boulukos

        George, I have another for you that won't be in the
        book since it is newly opened. For Korean, the Arirang
        Garden on Mayfield Rd. in Lyndhurst. I have nothing to
        compare it to, but we enjoy it and eat there
        frequently. Last nite I had a special of steamed black
        cod with mushroom and tofu in a very spicy sauce. It
        was deliciously sinus-clearing. All meals come with
        soup, salad and all the littled pickled goodies and
        accompaniments. They also feature a sushi bar in the
        other half of the restaurant.

        1. re: Heidi

          there is a very good spanish resturant just downtown
          by the flats called MALLORCA that has fabulous food
          and great service. the portions are pretty large and
          the price is very reasonable. we try to go back a
          couple times a year just to eat there. ( downtown
          cleveland that is)

          1. re: Juli

            Mallorca is SO loud that you must scream to your
            neighbor, the service is solicitous, their specialty,
            Paella is consistently bad-mediocre and most of the
            other items on the menu taste similar with the same
            garlic sauce. If you stick with some of the more
            austere items such as sausage or piece of fish you can
            leave relatively satisfied. I don't know if this is a
            "chain" restaurant, but there is at least one in
            Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh or Philly, I forget which.