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Mar 31, 1999 08:43 AM

Madison, Wisconsin

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I will be going to Madison, WI next week on business
and I am looking for a nice place to have dinner with
my business associate. We will be there only one night
but since our meeting ends in the afternoon and our
flight is not until the morning, we would like some
ideas on where to eat, walk around, have a drink, etc.
Nothing too, too fancy but perhaps a little more fun.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. j
    jonathan gold

    I haven't actually been there, but l"Etoile
    has a reputation as the Chez Panisse of the
    Midwest, and the few dinners I've had prepared
    by the chef, Odessa Piper, have been extraordinary.
    Extremely regional--she is a huge impetus
    behind the farmers market movement and sustainable
    agriculture in the U.S.

    I know where I'd eat if I had one meal in Madison.

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    1. re: jonathan gold
      Michele Fuchs

      Thanks, so it shall be....I will let you know how it
      turns out.