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Jan 23, 1999 11:21 AM

Great Lebanese Pastries in Detroit!

  • j

A friend recently tried what he described as some of the best Lebanese pastries he's ever tasted. They were specially sent from a bakery in Detroit called something like Shatila (Chatila? Shatilla? Chatilla?)

Can anyone help? (also, any Detroit chowhounds willing to mail me some will receive, in return, edible goodies from NYC)

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  1. g
    Greg Masters

    The place you are looking for is Shatila. It is
    actually located in Dearborn and not Detroit.
    You can call them at 313-582-1952. They ship anywhere
    and specialize in Lebanese pastries, at least according
    to their listing in the Yellow Pages. I've never been

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    1. re: Greg Masters
      Greg Masters

      Oh, they also seem to have a site on the
      Web and online ordering.

      1. re: Greg Masters

        thanks a googolplex, Greg!