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Jan 14, 1999 10:39 AM

Cleveland Area - HELP PLEASE?

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So, I live in Oberlin, OH (just outside of Cleveland).
It's a pretty small college town, so not much in the
way of variety as far as food goes. I was wondering if
anyone knew of anywhere good in the Cleveland aria. I
love Mexican, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Greek, and am
willing to try new things as well. So far the best
thing I've found is the Mad Greek in Cleveland, which
specializes in both Greek and Indian food - made for an
interesting combination.

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  1. I have a couple of suggestions. If you like true New
    York style deli, try Alvies -- the main restaurant is
    around E. 14th and Superior. Its not exotic, but it is
    true to New York style.

    If, on the other hand, you want to go a bit farther
    afield (about 50 miles from Cleveland), the very best
    pizza I have ever had is at Coccia House in Wooster. I
    recently sent people from another board that I inhabit
    there, and got nothing but raves. E-mail me if you
    want directions -- you will not be disappointed.

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      I have some great recommendations...For Mexican, try
      Mi Pueblo on Euclid Ave. near Case Western Reserve.
      They have cheap authentic Mex. Mi Pueblo also has a
      west side location, but not as large menu. For Indian,
      there is excellent food at Maharaja in Hilltop Plaza
      on wilson Mills and Richmond Rd. in Lyndhurst. Also
      good is Cafe Tandoor in Cleve. Hts. on Taylor. For
      Asian,you must venture downtown to Chinatown area. Go
      to Siam Cafe for wonderful Cantonese ,(try salt-baked
      shrimp or any crustacean in ginger-scallion or black
      bean sauce), Thai & Vietnamese. Li Wah, Bo Loong & Lei
      Yu Moon have daily dim sum and extensive Cantonese
      menus. By the way, if you have opportunity for
      something besides ethnic eats, try Moxie in Beachwood
      for outstanding regional American cuisine and a great