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Egg rolls with peanut butter

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Many moons ago, I visited a chinese restaurant in Roselle (in NW suburbs) called Wing Hing. It had, among other things, the most amazing egg rolls... and they were made with peanut butter. I believe it has long since closed. I wondered if anyone knows of a chinese restaurant (within a large radius of the city) that makes their egg rolls with peanut butter. I have tried those at Chinalite, but found that they used too little oil (if I'm allowed to say that in this day & age). Any suggestions?

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  1. I just had what you're looking for today in
    Chinatown at:
    Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
    2127 South China Place 312-808-9686
    I had a lunch special of Beef Teriyaki with 2
    egg rolls included. The egg rolls were about the
    best I've had in Chinatown. Home made and
    very peanut buttery. Good sweet sauce (not those stupid packets)
    and home made hot mustard.
    All for $4.95.

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      Mr. B.,

      Thanks for the suggestion. While I've been to The Great Wall before, I'd never tried the egg rolls...and right you are. These are some of the pea-nuttiest egg rolls I've ever tasted. Liked 'em so much that i brought some home.

      All of my previous visits to The Great Wall centered around their BBQ meats, which are consistently very good.


    2. .. wing hing's still open bro just went there yesterday lol

      1. Don't forget about China Chef in Morton Grove...

        1. The Pekin House on Devon and Western in West
          Rogers Park if it is still there.

          Pekin House Restaurant
          2311 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

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            Just closed, sorry. Place in Mundelein,...Hong Kong Chop Suey has great egg rolls.

          2. The best egg rolls made with peanut butter are at Wah-Moy, Palatine, IL.. The father there owened and operated Don-Moy in Rolling Meadows years ago. I live in Indynow and still drive back a buy tons of egg rolls from them. They are the best.

            1. golden chef on milwaukee in wheeling has them and addictive, excellent food too, the owner was hi howes partner on cicero and peterson years ago

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                The only problem with Golden Chef is no MSG... :(

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                  Kow Kow Restaurant in Lincolnwood has awesome eggrolls! They opened in 1949 and still going strong. In the '70's I took Chinese cooking lessons from Chinese people in the Chicago area and peanut butter was definitely an ingredient they taught us to include when making egg rolls.

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                    Tiff, could you pass on the recipe for those egg rolls? I have never made them but would love to try. Thanks Gary

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                      Here ya go Gary:

                      Chinese Egg Rolls

                      Here is the recipe we were given in Chinese cooking class by Chinese instructors in Niles, IL (1970's). This recipe was a little rough and I had to clean it up a bit - plus I included all my notes from class. If freezing, fry egg rolls slightly first. Also - bean sprouts don't freeze well!

                      * EGG ROLLS *

                      Egg Roll Wrappers - 16 pieces
                      Shredded Meat - (Ham, chicken, shrimp, BBQ pork, etc.)
                      Eggs - 2 (scrambled and shredded)
                      Bamboo Shoots - 1 cup (fresh), shredded
                      Cabbage - 2 cups, shredded and boiled until soft - about 10 mins. (regular, not Chinese cabbage)
                      Bean Sprouts - 2 cups fresh (parboil them)
                      Celery - Finely diced and parboiled (optional)
                      Mushrooms - Shredded (optional)
                      Salt and Sesame Oil - 1 tsp. of each
                      Sugar - Just a little
                      Peanut Butter - Small amount (especially needed if freezing)
                      5 Fragrance Powder - (Optional)
                      Cooking Oil

                      Stir-fry all separately (the meat, bamboo shoots, cabbage, bean sprouts, egg and optional celery). Mix them together and then add the salt and sesame oil, sugar, peanut butter, and optional 5 Fragrance Powder. Mix again. Be sure to drain off excess water or juice.
                      Wrap the mixture with the wrapper and seal each one with egg white. Deep fry until golden brown.


                      (I probably would also add some carrot shreds, but not part of original recipe)

                      * SPRING ROLLS *

                      Use the same ingredients as egg rolls, except different wrappers. Instead of deep frying, pan fry them. Serve with sweet and sour sauce and/or hot mustard.